DO YOU HAVE A VERY HELPFUL DOG who follows along as you feed and does her/his best to aid in your everyday tasks?! Uh-huh. Me, too.

Vivienne is almost a year old.  Responsibility comes with age, and this girl has stepped up in helping me when I do my AM/PM chores.  I’m sure yours does, too.

For example…

Every morning and every evening, I go out and feed.  Vivienne demands that she go along with me.  If I lock her in the house, she will howl.

Now, I’m sure she thinks she is doing me a huge service by tagging along during my chores, and I think I will just let her go on believing that because some of her deeds are indeed, good.

See the below pictorial.

Here I have a tree whose water emitter was broken, so I had decided to hand water it until I could get to Lowe’s to get a new emitter. Lo and Behold, little Vivey helped me by digging up the newly soft soil and creating a perfect hole for a big drink of water for the tree. Great job, Vivey!

Here, I am picking which bale to open. Viviey thinks this one is the best because there is a mouse or something underneath it and the sooner I get rid of it, the better. Correct again, Vivey.

Ever the athlete, Vivey climbs the stack, making sure I have the best bale chosen.

Does your dog gather up all the fly masks? Mine does. This is very, very handy. I no longer have to look for them. Hurrah! All flymasks end up on my front patio.

If I don’t notice a flymask in time, she will throw it against the back slider until I give her the “Atta Girl!” we all so desire after a full 15 minutes of ranch work!


SOMETIMES…Sometimes, Vivey will help me dig holes, chase squirrels/bunnies, kick up dust, find holes in the fences, clear poop through digestion,  inspect all watering troughs and general stick gathering… although I wouldn’t limit her skills to these few, those are just all I can remember at this moment.

Aren’t dogs great?!  I agree!

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  1. Stephanie F King

    That is adorable! When I go out into the backyard to put food in the bird feeders my two male dogs like to be the first out the door to make sure the coast is clear and I’m protected from the… what… rabbits, squirrels or gophers? They take it very seriously though. They run out the door first and pose on the slope up to the bird feeders very alert and watchful, like “you just try to bug my mom and I’ll get a piece of you!” I love it! Dogs are awesome! (Well, we did have a coyote living in my next-door neighbor’s yard for a while, so maybe they have a point.)

    The big girl dog doesn’t have the same work ethic and is sleeping her a$$ off in the bedroom and can’t be bothered.

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