Yes, well, I did last night…

Truth to tell, I rarely look anymore.  In fact, it has been years.  But, I had the bug to see if any of Aladdin’s relatives were still out there.

(Aladdin was my riding horse for many years.  We rode all the time.  He was the best horse ever – for me.  He passed in 2011.)

I purchased Aladdin from East of Equinox Farm in Vermont when he was just 4 months (l had to wait several months to ship him home because he was too young!).  Yup, I flew out to Vermont to decide on a baby because I loved the East of Equinox bloodlines.

At that time, I knew bloodlines like I know how to make coffee.  Easy.  I could relate every Morgan’s lineage to a chart in my head.  I knew traits, personalities, showmanship, carriage… I was like a walking encyclopedia of Morgan Horse genetics.  I loved that.  Still do.

Anyway, at that time in my life, I was on a horse hunting expedition – and I wanted one from East of Equinox.

Aladdin and I did everything together. We rode everywhere…

ALADDIN STOLE MY HEART at 4 months old.

I took my trainer with me to Vermont… which seemed like a good idea except she liked different horses than I did.  That was very apparent once we were there.

The moment I saw little, tiny Aladdin, I knew.  He didn’t have the best conformation… he was a bit pigeon-toed, but otherwise… Aladdin was perfect.

My trainer wanted a different horse… and very astutely, East of Equinox offered a price for me to take them both.  I bit.  (The other horse, Equinox Adventure, I sold 4 years later.  He showed as a driving horse and retired in Colorado.)

Back to Aladdin… there was just something about him.  I loved him instantly and deeply.  He was easy to train and easy to ride and we did everything together.

Sadly, he became very sick in 2008.  I feel it was from over vaccinations although we will never know for sure.  He passed 3 years later.

Aladdin showed for a year when he was 4 (pictured here) but then I pulled him – to be my riding horse.  At this point, I had MT, who became my show horse.

EQUINOX BENN ADAM – Aladdin’s sire

Fast forward to yesterday… on a lark, I contacted East of Equinox to inquire about any relatives to Aladdin.

Kindly, they remembered me and Aladdin (and Adventure)… and were very happy to see photos of him.

They sent to me their current sales list and luckily, I cannot afford any of their horses at this moment.  Phew.

But, Ivan told me that they have 6 related babies coming this year!  (I don’t need another horse.)

Here are photos of Aladdin’s sire, Equinox Benn Adam.  Aladdin was very like him, I’ve heard.  I did actually see Benn Adam and Courage of Equinox when I was in Vermont.  That whole adventure was incredible…  ahh, a story for another time.

Equinox Benn Adam.

This is Benn Adam in 1977 when he was 3 years old.  I can see the resemblance with young Aladdin and young Benn Adam.  And, they had very similar faces.

THE NEW MORGANS… this guy is related to Aladdin on his dam side – and a few other places.

I was just on the East of Equinox FB page and saw this post!

His mother is related to Aladdin (and a few other up the line). Equinox Talkin Smack (Equinox Heir of Courage x Equinox Pillow Talk)

The new generation of Morgan Horse. East of Equinox is still winning!


Just because I am a huge geek this way, I am going to show you Aladdin’s grandsire on his dam side.  I don’t have a pic of his dam, so I give you this.  Bennfield’s Ace.

This genetics stuff amazes me.

This is Aladdin’s grandsire on the dam side, Bennfield’s Ace. Aladdin had more of his body, but definitely had the Benn Adam head, face and neck! I love genetics. That’s why I liked breeding (responsibly). But I also studied every other stallion at that time and watched all the progeny and scoured the Morgan Magazine.


I could go on and on and on… but I won’t.  I’ll just say that I know there will never be another Aladdin, but maybe I can get close… or even better, in a few years when the time is right!

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