Do you DREAM PROPERTY shop? I do.

Although I love Paso Robles and I like our house here, you all know that I don’t like the set-up for my horses.

So, I dream…  I dream of a different property.  I like to online shop so I can visualize what I want and see what is out there – consider possibilities.

For example, I go onto and put in my preferences.  For me, at least 2 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, at least 10 acres and ‘barn’ in keywords.  Then, I go from state to state.  I started in California.  I went to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada… I’m moving Eastward.

Today, I went to Montana.

But first, let me tell you what I’ve learned about myself and what I’d like.  I learned that I love warm wood and not modern interiors.  I like wide kitchens (not narrow).  I love a stone, working fireplace.  I like windows that look out to nature.  I like water.  I NEED TREES.  And indoor/outdoor kitchens, patios, decks are very nice.  Also, I want a barn again.

I appreciate and need great photos of the barn.  Actually, I scroll to the photos of the barn before I ever look at the house.  I wish real estate agents took better photos of the barns.  I don’t think they realize that with equestrian properties, the barns are very important.

Anyway, back to today and Montana.

Montana has snow.  Lots of snow.  Not sure I could handle that.  However, I do like all the wood construction and lodgelike interiors.  I love the streams and rivers.  I love the trees and mountains.

Here we go!

I go to Zillow and put in my preferences inclucding the keyword, “barn”.

About 30 properties came up. I slowly look through them. This one, I like the outdoor decking. I love the river, the barn and the arena.

I like this entrance to anther property.

I love this. Beautiful fencing, a lovely river, a nice house and barn. But the house is probably too big and I don’t think we could afford this…

I love this… but not many pics of the barn. Stone fireplace!

This property had a very clean barn. THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF GOOD BARN PICS!

I like to imagine how I’d use the barn… like this property… I’d clear out the barn and make it pristine.

This was a very majestic property, but I loved the indoor/outdoor kitchen and all the stone work.

This was my fav property. It had 40 acres and two homes with a nice barn. Lots of wood and airy spaces. Stone fireplace.  Big, open kitchen for Hubby.

Here is another angle. I love the view of the trees and the decking. Tall ceilings.

This is the 2nd house on the property. I could easily rent it out, I think. Also, pics of the barn. If I could afford this, I would!


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  1. Paul McPherson

    Who doesn’t? I mean, it’s a cheap way to “travel” a little and to get to know what you do like, should you move to another flat or house in the future. Sure, most of the time, you’re just e-visiting gigantic villas on or something like that, but it does help knowing your “style” in houses better

  2. Kathy A Johnson

    I do that now and then myself! It’s fun to imagine starting a new life in a new home. Those properties were absolutely amazing, and I love how the last one had the equipment in the photos.

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