Do birds sit on your horse’s back? Lucia, the horse, has birds literally covering her!

My friend, Leslie Anne Webb, has a lovely filly named, Lucia.

Last week, Leslie called me and asked, “Uh, this may sound odd, but do birds crowd around any of your horses?”

Me:  “Sure, we have tons of birds on the fences and eating after the hay…”.

Leslie:  “No, I mean ON your horses.  Do the birds sit on your horses and crowd around a particular horse?”

Me (thinking about this…):  “Uhhh, no.  No, the birds don’t sit on my horses or crowd around a certain horse.

Leslie:  “Well, they are ALL OVER Lucia.  I swear, they never leave her alone!  She has birds on her all the time and usually several on the ground, following her around.”

Me:  “Really?!”

Leslie:  Yes!

Me:  “What kind of birds?”

Leslie:  “I don’t know.  Little brown ones.”

Me:  “Do they land on all of your horses?”

Leslie:  “No… only Lucia….

Me:  Send me pics.

And so she did.

Are any of your horses bird attractions?  If so, PLEASE send pics!  Maybe some of you are bird experts and can explain this?  Does it have to do with scent?  Leslie and I are baffled.

Birds on her back…

Birds on the ground, following her around…

Birds on her back going the other way…

A TON of birds on her back!


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  1. Alexandra

    We always have magpies All over our horses and ridding on them but they really like to snuggle up on the horses when they sleep and it’s really cute.

  2. Lindy Gee

    How can I stop birds getting on my horses back as they are annoying her

  3. Jana

    We have 9 horses and one of our horses isn’t coming out of this winter as well as he usually does. I have been curious what health things he might be dealing with but the oddest thing that really has me curious is the flock of birds that have adopted him. They don’t go around any other horse. They follow him by walking, flying or riding on him everywhere. Any ideas of what it could be?

  4. Roxann

    We have been in this property with my 2 horses for close to 5 yrs and this summer is the first time I’ve seen little brown birds sitting on my mares. More so on my black and white, than my almost all white. Never saw at all before. It’s really cute to watch. Wish I knew why

  5. Calvin48

    We have Magpies here in Eastern Colorado and one was sitting on my pony’s back last summer. I don’t think they do it frequently because there is never any bird poop on the pony. I have heard that magpies will peck at the wounds of other animals, so I’m glad they don’t hang out with the horses.
    The Brown-headed Cowbirds follow the horses around the pasture, but I haven’t seen any sitting on a horse. They are interested in the insects stirred up by the horses and attracted to the manure.

  6. Debbie

    I’ve had birds sit on my sheep and swoop down for bugs, then get back up on the sheep. It was cute.

  7. dawndi Post author

    What do you do if you’re a little brown bird who has found the perfect perch in the sun, and the ‘perch’ goes to lunch? You hang on for the ride!

    Cowbirds, like this juvenile, followed bison herds, munching on the insects that the animals stirred up on the ground. Now they have to make do with cattle and horses. Since they had to keep on the move with their food sources, they lay their eggs in other bird’s nests, leaving the young to be raised by others.

    Rio doesn’t seem to mind his lunch partner, and we get a reminder of the rich natural history all around us.

  8. dawndi Post author

    Ha! Good idea! But I can attest that Leslie takes very excellent care of her horses and their skin.

  9. Grace

    Yes! My mate has a little brown bird that sits on her back too! Just the other day I was out cleaning the corral and noticed it. ? Looks like it could be the same type of bird as the ones who like Lucia!

  10. Jan Hoole

    Hi Dawn, is she shedding her coat? Or (sorry to suggest this) does she have lice or some other parasite in her coat? Do the birds peck her or just sit there? Jan xx

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