OUR DECEMBER BUCKET FUND HORSES MADE THE NEWS! Check out this touching video!! We are only $815 away from saving them all!!

Dan Simpson, the owner of the Fernley 95A Speedway in Nevada, is my new hero! – Not only is he housing the horses on his speedway, he is going to BUILD a paddock for desperate horses on the speedway property!

Not only did he take in (and house in his infield at the Speedway) the remaining 14 December Bucket Fund Mustangs who had 3 strikes against them and were headed for the meat factory (for crossing the highway to water too many times…), but he is now building a field for desperate mustangs – on this property!

Can you believe that?!

He is giving up some of his important business space to continue to have emergency housing for Nevada Wild Mustangs who are in desperate need of housing – so they won’t become meat.

Wow, wow, wow!

Of course, they still need to be fed and cared for, but finding a place to go is often the most difficult part of rescue work.  I am very impressed.

Dan is a horse lover, for sure.  And this idea is magical.

WATCH THE VIDEO about our December Bucket Fund 23 Mustangs!

Click here to watch the video about our December Bucket Fund 23 mustangs!

Click here to watch the video about our December Bucket Fund 23 mustangs!

Here is the note from Dan that was attached to the above video regarding these gorgeous horses in his infield:

Racers and Fans
We are using the race track as a emergency Mustang adoption center. The entire race track is fenced and set up for viewing. There are some really nice horses in this bunch. Track is open 8am to 3:30 pm. We will open it up 10am to 12pm on Saturday for those who need a weekend day. These horses are from the Mound house area. We may be doing this in the future in a pasture that we are going to build on the north end. The horses have all medications and males are guilded. Most of the costs have been paid by supporters of the Mustangs and the owners of this group is Virginia Range Sanctuary. If you are interested go to Facebook NNCC Virginia Range Horses. there are applications on line. Total cost is $125 and includes cogins, if you need to go out of state. Please forward this to all your friends. We want permanent homes for these horses. Thank you, Dan

HOW TO ADOPT!  FB page to follow these horses!

You can also follow what’s going on, ask questions, request adoption applications and see additional information on the NNCC Virginia Range Horses Facebook page.

Adoption fees typically are $125.00. The participating non-profits have already covered the costs for Coggins and health certificates required for interstate travel.

For more information please contact Chris Senko via Email or telephone 775-847-7114.

A downloadable version of the private adopter adoption form can be found here.

Bonna-fide sanctuaries that can take entire family bands will be given preference when it is in the best interest of the horses.

A great deal of on-line information discussing how wild horses process and react to the human environment, respond to training and successfully domesticate can be found by visiting the LRTC Wild Horse and Burro Help Desk.

Thank you for your patience. We’re working on this placement project while also responding to range emergency calls and other tasks.

All of these horses are available for Adoption!

All of these horses are available for Adoption!


Please donate here to help LRTC and Dan Simpson house, feed and adopt-out these incredible, healthy horses!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you very much!

(If you’d like a donor certificate to give as a gift, please donate and send me a note in the Pay Pal ‘note’ section. I’ll make it up and send it asap!)


Release onto the Speedway – SAFE!



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