Day 1.

As I write this to you, I’ve just showered and am sitting on our fabulous, fluffy topped bed while the entire herd of guests (including Hubby) are watching the kids play kickball.  Now, you have to imagine, the adults are sitting on a lovely wood deck beneath the Grand Tetons while the kids are playing on a  huge, green lawn below the Tetons.

Normally, this probably wouldn’t interest Hubby nor I, however, it is SO MUCH FUN to gab and joke with all of our new friends from all over the country.   I can still hear them all cheering and hooting… and Hubby just came into our cabin to get his guitar so you can imagine all the fun that will be happening out there soon.  I know the wine and stories are flowing.  New best friends…

I think the total capacity for guests is 46 (including kids – who have their own wranglers). Looking down the rooming list, there are people from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maryland, Florida, Ohio, California, Alabama and Virginia.

We woke up to morning fog. It was beautiful.


I’m on Petunia.  She is an Arab cross who was born on the ranch.  Her trot is lovely.  That’s all we’ve done so far.  I’m trying to make friends with her and I think I did because she slimed my new shirt when I dismounted after the morning ride.  I’m sure I was just the closest scratching thing but I took it as a sign.  ;)

Speaking of slimed shirts… have any of you used the new UV technology shirts?  They are supposed to help you not get sunburned but also let air flow through?

Well, I purchased one (on sale – we love Riding Warehouse) and wore it today.  What I liked was that I had long sleeves but the underside was mesh so it was cool.  What I shouldn’t have done was wear a tank under it.  I was too warm.  So, if you get one of these Ariat Tek sun protection shirts (or any other brand), don’t wear any layer underneath.

Anyway, I was speaking about Petunia… I heard that they called her “Petunia” because when she was born, she was all pink.  Now she is all white.  And a bit plump.  But, as I said, her trot is to die for.

We will lope (canter) tomorrow so I’ll report back.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.21.35 PM

Petunia (my view)

Hubby's view of Petunia (Note my boots. Love them.)

Hubby’s view of Petunia (Note my boots. Love them.)


On the first day, the wranglers split us up into small groups and take us on valley rides – just to have us get to know our horses and gear.

I wish I could bring my own saddle… but other than that, I love my horse.

On a lark, earlier this year I purchased a secondhand sheepie for Western saddles.  I wasn’t sure if it would work, but it did!  The stirrups go through the sheepskin panels.  I’m so happy!

So today, we rode along the Snake River (which was glorious – my favorite) and we rode through the meadows.  I really cannot express the beauty here.  It is God’s Country.  The rides are not about trotting or galloping – they are about the scenery.  Just absolutely glorious.

Now, I want to stress that these horses are in great shape and fed very well (and rested when needed)… so you never really need to think about your mount.  This leaves all kinds of time for chatting, observing or just communing.

I kept forgetting to take photos! Today we were riding along the Snake River. I love that the best!

I kept forgetting to take photos! Today we were riding along the Snake River. I love that the best!


I love my new boots!!!  It took me years to give up my Mountain Horse boots.  I wore them out – literally.

And, I have always thought Ariats were too narrow for me.

But, I purchased (again from Riding Warehouse – linked below) a pair of Ariat zipper paddock boots and LOVE THEM.  So comfy!  Warning:  I did have to go down an entire size… but they are glorious.   (Official name: Ariat Barnyard Side Zip Paddock Women’s Boots)

My mishap was with my ‘Da Brim’ visor attachment for my helmet.

Now, I really don’t care what others say about my gear, so the fact that I received some gentle ribbing (‘flying nun’ comments, etc) was fun.  But, when a huge gust of wind came while were were vigorously trotting, the Da Brim flew off!  The horse behind me didn’t flinch, but it could have been very interesting.  So, for me, I wasn’t too impressed with the Da Brim.  However, the wrangler said that he sometimes ties them on with a scarf when it is windy.  (And perhaps I didn’t have it adjusted exactly correctly.)

These new Ariat zip boots are the bomb! So so comfy! But I did have to get an entire size smaller, fyi.

These new Ariat zip boots are the bomb! So so comfy! But I did have to get an entire size smaller, fyi.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.24.45 PM

They are short boots, which I like because I have short legs. These are a 5.5 and I normally wear a 6.5.


So, as I write this and search through my photos of the day, I can hear them all cheering and having a grand old time.  I will finish this note to you, drink a very tall glass of water (high altitude) and go to sleep.

I almost hate to have one day gone already… but so much more fun and beauty to come!

The vistas take my breath away. For this reason (and many others), I come back.

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  1. Robynne Catheron

    Wheeeeeee!! I get so excited when you describe your trips to the ranch, and Jackson Hole and the Tetons. It truly is God’s country. I wish I could afford to live there.

    I LOVE my side-zip Barnyard boots! I must have a dozen pairs of Ariats in all different styles, for both summer and winter. They all run a half size big for me.

    Can’t wait to see more pics of your ride. You do realize we’re all riding with you in spirit, and by proxy ?? Hope you and Hubby have the best time!

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