DALTON IS IN THE HOUSE!! Look who arrived today!

It was a total surprise to have Dalton arrive tonight!  But I couldn’t be more excited!

The lovely ladies from Sweetbeau Horses took in 4 new (very) wild horses yesterday and they needed the ability to concentrate on the newbies.  So, Dalton came early – and it is very exciting.  In case you are new to Dalton and Sweetbeau Horses… Sweetbeau takes in wild horses and trains them – fully – to be ambassadors for the breed.  Dalton was one of the Gila Mustangs (originally from Arizona)  born to the defunct South Dakota mustang rescue – so he was one of the Hallelujah Horses – where 900 mustangs were placed over 18 months.  A huge feat.

Sweetbeau Horses was instrumental in rescuing many of the Hallelujah horses… and now they train a small herd at a time.  Dalton was from their first training herd.

Follow Sweetbeau Horses on FB and you can see the progress on their new herd of wild boys!!

Dalton arrives at my neighbor’s facility. The arrow points to my driveway. We are very close!


Most of you know that I was using a neighbor’s facility last year before BG was injured.  You can see their arena from my driveway, that’s how close she is to our house (see arrow in above photo).

I thought that since I don’t have any training facilities here, it would be best to bring Dalton to my neighbor’s place for the first little while.

So today, when Sweetbeau called and said that they were coming, we scrambled and got a paddock ready at my neighbor’s place.  It was very kind of her to reorganize for my new horse.  Thank you, CC!

Anyway, Dalton arrived, offloaded – didn’t erupt at all.  He mostly calmly walked to his new paddock.  He didn’t rear or fuss or do anything near what my Morgan show horses (Mama Tess, Gwen or Wrigley) would have done.  He was a dream.  As we approached his paddock, he didn’t hesitate.  He went in, looked around and then started to eat.  Perfect.  I’m so excited to have a calm horse, for once!

Dalton arrives at CC’s place. CC is in the forefront with the amazing hair… the one in the black hat is a Sweetbeau Temporary trainer from Belgium.

Patricia, who is Sweetbeau Horses, holds her boy for the last time…

Dalton sizes up his new digs.

He turned to me just as I was snapping what would have been a perfect pic!…

This is Jess, Dalton’s trainer, Dalton, me and Patricia of Sweetbeau Horses. Patricia made all of this possible.


This is silly, funny Dalton, with his Mom, Patricia (Founder, Sweetbeau Horses).  What a great pic.

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  1. Patricia

    I am SOO happy Dalton found his new forever Mom. He is already attached to you as evidenced by the “no fuss” when he moved into his new paddock. Thank you for taking care of this boy who has been a delight to have at the ranch. And also for sharing about Sweetbeau Horses.

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