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  1. Lelani A. Lundgren

    Pss. I soaked the Echancia flowers in his beet pulb because they are kind of prickly

  2. Lelani A. Lundgren

    Hi I was reading about your little pony. I was given a beautiful Arabian a few years back and he came with terrible green yuk coming from his nose. I mean terrible. I dabble in herbs quite a bit and have a great collection. This horribleness went on …. It didn’t make him sick or seem to be contagious. Vets are kind of a last resort for me…..Any way I did some research and found “Gutteral Pouch Infection.” I put him on two tablespoons of dried Echancia (flowers and leaves and stems)…. he started to improve, however it did not go away entirely until the 6th week. I was about to call the vet and get swabs etc. when I am not kidding the day I was going to call the vet. A huge mass of yuk, I mean a icecream bucket ful started coming out of his nose profusely…He still did not act sick and was trying to eat while this was going on. Any how within two more days he had a little bit of clear running from his nose by the the fourth day after the “yuk” episode it was gone and has been gone ever since. Vet checked him and he was fine, that was 9 years ago.

    Any how thought it might be worth a check as I don’t think it would show up on an exray….

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