COME HITHER ALL YOU FRESIAN LOVERS… I got a video for you! And a little Slick update.

Today the vet came out again to check on Slick.

Slick looks better.  He has less of an infection odor from his sinuses – but he is still green snotty.  Yuk.  He has gained some weight.  He isn’t right, that’s for sure.

He listened to Slick’s gut and still hears some sand so we will be back on the soaked beet pulp and psyllium routine.  (While I was gone, Hubby did his best but just couldn’t get Slick to eat his antibiotics AND the psylliym…)

We also took some Xrays.  Unfortunately, the Xray reader program on the vet’s computer wasn’t working.  Bummer.  He had to go back to his office to read them.  So, I don’t know what is up yet.

We then opened his mouth and took a look inside.  Slick has a little mouth, so that was fairly easy.  The vet also felt around for any swollen gums, loose teeth or pus sacks.


Slick behaved horribly so at least he was feeling better – back to his old self…

For now, I will continue the antibiotics twice a day to help stop the infection – whatever it is – and I will continue with the gut cleansing.

I will also drum my fingers on my desk until we can read the Xrays and figure out if this is a very stubborn sinus infection or a bad tooth that isn’t visible to palpation and the human eye.

Patience is not one of my virtues.

My sick little pony, Slick.



My cousin, who I rarely see and who I didn’t even think knew I had a blog, sent this video to me to share with you.

I’m not a fan of some of the headsets shown here, but one cannot deny the glory and magnificence of these horses.


Click here to go to the video.

Wow! I’d like a herd of that in my backyard!




Pretty much would give up chocolate if I could do this… (great reflection in the water)


You’d have to be a pretty good bike rider to do this.


The cart is pretty nice, too!


I know nothing about them… they created the video.


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Lucky, our November Bucket Fund filly. She had her legs cast this week and now just needs to wait for the braces to arrive! Click image to read her story and/or donate!





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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Lisa

    Hope Slick is back to 100% soon. I love all horses, but have a soft spot for minis and yours are adorable! Did the vet check Slick’s gutteral pouchs? A friend of mine had a mini with gutteral pouch problems and infections and symptoms were similar to Slick’s.

  2. Joan

    If God rides horses, it would have to be a Fresian! Magnificent animal@

  3. Laura

    Sigh… those horses even know how exquisite they are??? Gorgeous video…Thank you!
    Hope Slick is all better soon.

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