Choosing Paddocks when food is involved.

So last week I told you how the horses chose paddocks according to their friends…  whomever was where – was how they picked.  The Pony King was with Dalton.  Norma Jean wanted to be with Dalton and The Pony King.  Ethel Merdonk wanted to be with Princess Buttercup Pebbles… and Gwen wanted to be the Queen of her paddock which meant that she couldn’t be where Dalton has picked.

It ended up with Dalton, The Pony King Rocky Balboa and Norma Jean.  In the next paddock, Gwen and the Jenny Sister from another mother (Ethel and Princess).

Well today, they were all in the 6 acres with gates open to both paddocks and inbetween the two paddocks.

I noted that things changed when food was involved…


So today, all 6 were in the lower field.  They could come up at any time.  Both paddocks were open and the gate between the two paddocks was open.

I actually never saw any of them come during the entire day, except Norma Jean who needed a shade break. (I’m sure they came up to get a drink or two, but I think they all immediately went back down.)

When it was dinnertime, announced by Mo for all the neighborhood to hear, the 6 started making their way up into the opened paddocks.


Dalton, who is Numero Uno, came in and watched where I was.  He then stood first in line for food.  (Since I wanted him in the furthest pasture, I fed there first.)

The Pony King wanted to be with Dalton.  He had to scurry around Gwen who is 2nd in power.  She was coming up behind Dalton, even though she would prefer to be Queen in her own pasture – when there is food, she is OK with being 2nd in command, as long as she gets food quicker than the others.

So, we had Dalton and The Pony King eating out of one feeder, and Gwen eating next.

I closed the gate to that paddock.

In the other paddock were EthelPrincess and Norma Jean.  I’m not sure who has the power between those two entities… but they are all behind Dalton and Gwen (and The Pony King, with or without Dalton).

Numero Uno Dalton the Dun at the feeder. His sidekick, The Pony King on his left. Gwen is eating next (in rear), because she is 2nd in Command. However, if food was not involved, she would have picked the other pasture where she would be in power.  She chose ‘order of eating’ instead of ‘order of power’.

The JennyTwins and Norma Jean. They are the lower on the totem pole so they are in the other paddock – eating after Dalton and Gwen. I think Norma Jean is the boss here, although she would never assert herself.


I am certain that when the food is gone, I will see either Norma or Gwen and the ‘in between’ gate.  Norma will want to be with Dalton and The Pony King.  Gwen will want to get away from Dalton so she could Lord over the Jennysisters.

Paddock Hierarchy and Harmony will exist once again.

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