Talk about stepping into action!

This girl was about to go into her show class… saw the other horse get loose from its halter and bolt…

What does this teenager do?  She goes after the loose horse, of course!  ONTO THE HIGHWAY!

A huge tribute to the skill of the rider and sane temperament of the horse being ridden!

Click here to read the story and watch the video!

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  1. Calvin48

    When a horse gets loose it’s never a good idea to go after it on another horse. That just provides the loose horse with company and the security to go further than it would on its own. Horses don’t want to be away from other horses in an unfamiliar area. If no one had gone after this horse she would have most likely circled around and stayed on the show grounds with the other horses. Several years ago a friend’s horse got loose at a show and was chased for several miles down a hard surfaced road by two riders. Although the horse was not hit by a vehicle and was eventually caught, he had to be put down due to a severe case of road founder. Just last summer one of my neighbor’s horses escaped from the pasture as she was leaving for a ride with friends. They chased the horse up and down the gravel road and through neighbors’ yards for nearly two hours until someone finally dismounted and caught the horse on foot with a bucket of grain. Because that’s how you catch a loose horse.
    I am horrified to think of what could have happened to the girl on the palomino if her horse had slipped or been spooked by the police (most of whom know nothing about horses). Also, one should never underestimate the ignorance and stupidity of the average driver when s/he is confronted with a loose horse and a rider on the road. This girl was not so much brave as ignorant and lucky.

  2. Jane Donofrio

    I’m so happy this turned out so well. We had a mass escape of 12 horses from our facility that had them run along a residential street and then up onto a four lane highway. Fortunately, the police came quickly and the drivers, after a few drove by at slow speed to take photos and videos, stopped. No horses were hit, thank goodness, and no people were injured, although it could have been much worse had this occurred on a week day. But that was two months ago and we still have horses suffering from the pounding their hooves took on the asphalt (thank goodness it wasn’t concrete!). So, I hope both of these horses didn’t suffer any damage to their feet and legs.

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