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Now that I’m riding Finn more regularly, of course, he wallows around in mud slime – the day before I need him to be spotless.  Oy.

So, I went to Lowe’s to find some sort of faucet adapter so I could add a hose to the garage sink that has hot and cold water… which I did.  I was so proud of myself for figuring this out!  You’d think this task would be simple but it wasn’t – the faucet was from 1911 or something like that…

Anyway, I was able to get a 100ft hose, attach it to the garage sink and then run warm water out to an area where I could safely tie Finn.

Voila!  Bath!

Unfortunately, I had water running down my arms and everywhere, so I didn’t take any photos.  But I did take a pic of him afterwards while he was grazing and all dry!

Finn delighted in a mud bath (I had just cleaned out his trough) on the day before I needed him to be spotless!

Here he is with his ‘treat’ hand grazing since he was such a good boy for his bath.  I borrowed Missy Miss’ pink lead.  He prefers green.


Gwen’s hair is easily tangled due to her Morganness.  Her hair is thick and very curly.  So, I have to get after it – often.   She hates girly stuff.  So, if I’m going to do her hair or tail, I have to mess with her when she is eating, or else it is just a continuous fight.

Gwen (stomping):  “Quit that!  I don’t care about my hair!”

Me:  “Well, I do.”

Gwen (blowing):  “Why worry about MY HAIR?  It isn’t YOUR hair!  Let it go, worry about someone else and give me more food.  THAT is what I care about…”.

But, I have found that as she ages (she’s 23 this year), she lets me do more messing around with her.  She likes it more.  Odd how things change when we age.

Gwen’s mane, all pretty. Her looking for treats outside the fence…

The Peanut Gallery next door. Missy Miss and Mo were banging on the gate. Annie was pouting. They all wanted whatever Gwen was getting.


Well, it isn’t really Wrigley AND the Raven, just Wrigley and a raven.

You see, I’ve been trying to make friends with Heckell and Jeckell, our ravens.  They live here.  They lived here before we lived here, probably.  I find them very interesting… but they find me scary.  Or something.  Maybe they are wary of me more than afraid of me.    Anyway, they are ALWAYS around when I am outside.  If I approach, they fly away.  If I leave sunflower seeds, they don’t seem to notice and fly off before I can make my good gesture known… I’m trying to make friends – so far, to no avail.

This is one of them on top of Wrigley’s shelter while I was haltering Wrig for his epic grazing day.

Wrigley is very excitable – but he is also smart and tractable.  So, it is good for the both of us to walk around together and experience things.  He jumps, I reassure.  He jumps, I reassure.  He looks at me first, before he jumps… and so it goes.  By the end of the epic graze, he is calm and proud of his courage.  I’m generally frazzles, because Wrig is very tall and agile, but I think he is such a sweet spirit, that I adore him.  Even if he is, well… Wrigley.

This is either Heckell or Jeckell, one of the resident ravens. In this pic, I noted that the joints just under the roof line, look like little hearts!

Wrigley cleaning up the green grass next to the hose bibs. Thank you! Today was his Epic Graze Day, which he loved. You can see Hubby’s Coon Hound, Virgil, in the background.


Well, I’ll be darned if Mo didn’t lose all of his courage without Missy Miss or Annie…

You see, I had decided to have a haltering lesson (yes, he still runs when he sees a halter…) today.  So, I closed the gate between him and everyone else when he wasn’t looking. That, he didn’t like.  He figured something was up.

The thing was, he acted like he didn’t even know me.  He was spooky and refused to let me touch him – when just a minute ago he was clamoring for me to pet him!


It took 30 minutes for me to touch him (without halter) – just with my bare hand – as he stood there like a petrified donkey rock, keeping his hairs away from my fingers.

But, we did it.  Alfalfa cubes helped.

Then I let the girls in, and he was his old self.

I guess he figured that he dodged a bullet today.  To him, Humans turn ugly when you are alone… or something like that.  Considering that he lost his original wild herd somewhere along the line (due to humans) and then he lost the next set of friends when he came here… I’m guessing he is leery of being trapped or caught by humans who single him out.   Makes sense.

Mo, who was my friend a few minutes ago, stands like a petrified donkrock when I separated him from his herd.




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