Bosco is home… it was way worse than we thought… but he’s OK.

Well, the last two days have been a roller coaster.

In case you didn’t read, Bosco ran away from me when I was playing stick with him… and he got between Gwen and Annie who were having a spat.

Bosco was hurt.  Blood everywhere…  it was all coming from his mouth.  I took him to the dog ER on Sunday eve.  They told me they thought it was two teeth and they needed to clean up the bone fragments plus suture the cheek and gums.

I called yesterday to find out how Bosco did through the surgery  … and… they told me that during surgery they discovered that his mandible was totally cracked.

So, Bosco was under anesthesia for much longer than expected and the surgery was way more intensive.  They ended up wiring his upper jaw (mandible) to itself and around his remaining teeth so that it could not move – and would heal.  He needed to stay in the hospital for observation.

Hubby got him today after work.

Poor Bosco can only eat soft food for 5 weeks.  He cannot hold anything in his mouth (no toys or stuffed animals) and he is not allowed to get rambunctious in any way for fear that he will snap his mouth or bite something – and loosen his mandible pieces.


He is sequestered from Scouty (so they won’t play or interact, just in case she pushes on his mouth).  I will be playing nurse and gate keeper for the next 5 weeks.

The good news is that he made it, his eye is fine and so far, his sinus is OK.  And, the hoof didn’t get his lower jaw which would have been way worse.

Oh, and the other good news is… I will be selling a bunch of stuff tomorrow to help pay for my little disaster!  Some riding clothes, some books and jewelry!  Look for it tomorrow!



Here he looks perfectly normal… He had just come home from the hospital and was happy.


Here you can see where they stitched up his split cheek. Underneath that area is where the hoof went to the bone. His mandible (upper jaw)  is severely cracked and wired together. He lost two teeth (extracted) and his gum is sutured together. He will be fine as long as he doesn’t do ANY chewing for 5 weeks. No rough housing, no toys, no nothing.


Here he is a few minutes ago. He had his drugs for the night and was almost asleep. You can see the sutures better in this photo.  The hoof was at an angle and it smacked him really hard – sideways.  Luckily it didn’t get his lower jaw.  That would have been a total disaster.

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  1. Karen

    So sorry this happened to all of you. It’s something that I always worry about. Feel better soon Bosco.

  2. Kitty Bo

    Poor Bosco. I had a Texas Heeler (half BC, half Blue Heeler) who, if I so much as raised an eyebrow at the horses,got excited. Also she didn’t like it when the horses acted up. When I’d bring a horse up to the hitching post, she’d position herself behind it. This is what her instinct told her to do. I now have a Texas Heeler who is half Aussie, half Blue Heeler. When we are going outside, she positions herself at the door. It’s what they do. They are what they are, and very sensitive dogs. They are ever aware of livestock. I hope Bosco learned a lesson, but then their drive is very strong, and they are so quick. When the adults herd cattle, they learn to stay out of the way. Poor guy. Give him a hug for me.

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