IT IS MY BIRTHDAY – PLEASE GIFT ME BY HELPING SAMSON… Beaten and blinded by his owner, Sampson’s rescuers walked him over 5 hours to bring him out of the Grand Canyon. JUNE BUCKET FUND: SAMPSON!

Today is my birthday and I can think of no better way to celebrate than collecting donations for Samson.  His tragic story gripped me.

Samson was a Havasupai pack horse.  His job was to haul humans and his wrangler owner up and down the Grand Canyon.  Because Sampson was ‘spooky’ on the narrow trails, his owner punched his eye out – so he wouldn’t spook on that side.  He also didn’t feed Samson.  This poor, very unfortunate horse was starved, beaten and worked until the life was almost gone from him.

Look at his bunched, cramped and misshapen stature in this photo taken from a news video.

Look at his horribly mis shapen body…

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SAMSON’S STORY (from the Equine Voices email)

On May 30th Equine Voices opened our gates and hearts to this gentle, blind, Havasupai horse named Samson. Samson, named for his bravery, endured years of abuse carrying people and supplies up and down the eight-mile stretch in the Grand Canyon. He became blind after his owner violently punched him in the eye, leaving him without sight.  (sic) We were contacted to see if we had room for this amazing warrior. Thankfully we did, and after a long, 5 1/2 hour, grueling walk out of the canyon, Samson has arrived safely home. Our very own ranch manager, Ricky Williams and Adam from Healing Hearts Rescue & Refuge, walked over eight miles to get Samson safely to the top of the canyon. Samson is one of the lucky ones, and we pray we will have more room and the financial capacity to help other Havasupai horses in need. If you would like to sponsor Samson, or help us in our Havasupai rescue mission, please call us at (520) 398-2814 .

Samson is finally in caring hands after being beaten, starved and nearly worked to death.


Click here to view the news story.

Click image to read the news story


All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance!  It means so much to right the wrong.

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  1. Denise Raymond

    I hope a day comes when we run that damn tribe out of there. They don’t deserve to inhabit that beautiful area if that is the way they treat animals.

  2. Angie Friehauf

    Omigawd….that poor horse! I know about the abuse that’s taking place at the Havasupai areas, and it’s appalling. I would hope that the monster who did this would be charged with animal abuse and cruelty, but I don’t anything will happen. The abuse has been going on for years and the poor horses and donkeys are suffering. So incredibly sad. I am grateful at least one horse has been rescued, and I’ll donate to see more do too.

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