BG is recovering from the laminitis! I actually think the herbs helped her!

BG is better!

But what is astounding me, is that I think the herbs I was told to get for her, actually worked!  (I had used herbs previously with Mama Tess, and none worked… so I was not optimistic.)

But I think this time, the HOOF AILMENT formula from FOR THE LOVE OF THE HORSE actually worked!  (No affiliation, I wish!)

5 days ago, BG was stable, but still very sore on the left front.  She was wearing Soft Ride boots with no sugar/carb food, soaked Teff, Bute twice a day – and she was maintaining.

Three days ago, I received my HOOF AILMENTS herbs.  To be honest, I didn’t think it would work because the herbs I purchased 8 years ago to help Mama Tess, hadn’t helped her.   (To be fair, MT had a much more severe case of founder than BG, so there’s that.)

Anyway, the herbs arrived and I started administering them as instructed.

At the same time, my vet had asked me to quit any Bute 24 hours before our appointment.

I did that.  I quit the Bute but continued the herbs.

This morning, with no Bute on board, she was better than she has been in a week!  She practically ran out of her stall without her boots!  I could not believe it!  She picked up both of her feet for the vet and didn’t wince at all.

I was amazed.

She is still tender on the left front, so I put her back into her cushy stall, but she is amazingly better.

It could be just time… and it could be a coincidence… but with NO BUTE on board and for her to be better than she was the day before, is astounding.

So, I am going to continue with the Hoof Ailment Herbs and keep you all posted.

(Also, because of the success of these herbs, I purchased the MMP Stop Solution from For the Love of the Horse.  … Just in case, I want it on my shelf.  Again, no affiliation)

Video of BG walking.

Click image to watch a video of BG walking. It isn’t perfect, but much, much better!


So the vet thinks this laminitis/founder episode was created due to a ‘perfect storm’ of events.  First, she was on steroids to help her horrible hives.  Then she was just recently trimmed and put back on our ground which is very uneven and hard right now… and we just got new, more rich hay…  The vet said steroids alone can founder some horses.  So, just adding some elements that would normally not bother BG, did bother her because of the heavy steroids.

I had forgotten about steroids adding to the stress of inflammatory issues to create founder…

Right before I put BG back into her cushy stall after the vet visit today, I watched her do this – all her weight on her front legs as she scratched her itch.  I loved it and took a pic!

I was very happy to see BG put all of her weight on her front legs to scratch and itch!



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  1. Indiah

    You might ask your vet if Equioxx may be a good pain management tool for mild laminitis (as opposed to bute). While admittedly more expensive, there seem to be fewer GI side effects than bute has (at least, in my personal experience with a mini and a large pony, and others have reported similar experiences). But don’t be tempted to use Previcox on a horse – your dog(s) may have been prescribed it and you might have some left over but while the basic drug is the same the correct dosage is very hard to get right.

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