Beware of sink holes – and horses.

I found this story and thought it should be spread wider – because so many of us are not aware of the sink hole phenomenon.  Watch and be safe.

Click here for the original video.

Notes on the video:

Beware the sink holes. Norco, California USA.   Just to be clear, I (the videographer) did tell him it was not safe. The rider and horse made it out fine and I stayed with them until they were safe. I scout out the riverbed to find safe passages for other riders and was just making a video about how to recognize sink holes, when he came up. So I stopped that video to show him the sink hole/quicksand and tell him to not cross. When it looked like he was going to come through anyways, I started recording. There was nothing more I could do at that point, so might as well get more data for the psa I was already planning on putting up to help others stay safe in the riverbed.

*I will post that PSA when it is completed.

Click image to go to the original video.

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