If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then THIS is a beautiful thing!…

Oh the sound of hammers, fence-post pounders and Makitas!  Love!

Finally, finally, finally I am able to repair the broken-down fence that I did not replace when we first arrived.  I thought it would stand there and work just fine with hot wire on top… but the horses or dogs kicked or bit through the lower portion so we ended up fixing it with twine, zip ties and chicken wire.  Ugh.  Ugly.

Today, the guys came to replace that one fenceline with non-climb.  They also brought a guy who could pick up all of the wood hunks that the previous owner left in the fields.  I think the old owner cut down all the trees, cut them in to pieces and just left them out there.

Normally, one would think that I could go out there and pick them all up myself.  And, right now, I probably could have.  But in the summer, the fields were like a sand dune and finding the wood was a treasure hunt. During the winter, it was deep, slimy, clingy clay muck.  But right now, the ground is perfect.  Not too hard, not too wet, juuuuuuust right for picking up wood.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thwacked myself by stepping on one end of a piece of wood and not knowing until the other end hit some part of my body.  Every time, I’d mutter, pick up the piece and throw it on a pile.  I’m sure the horses did the same thing, except they didn’t have a pile.

Anyway, those dangerous pieces had to be removed.  And they were, today!

So, today, this sight was absolutely beautiful – to me.

They arrived and immediately took down the old wire and fortified the existing fence posts. Yay!  They also said that if they had time, they’d fix my wonky gate (that was just installed in July.)

The lovely new Non-Climb, waiting to be attached to the new, taller t-posts and wood posts!

Here is the view from the other end – Annie’s Alley.

It is starting to rain! Argh. I am hoping they can finish!

Beautiful new (safe) fence!

Here is the trailer waiting to haul off all of these wood pieces that were scattered all over the fields plus the old fence. As you can see, I was using everything I had to keep the old fence together until I could replace it. Twine, chicken wire, tree wrapping materials… But now it is all going away! Yay!

This is the wonderful guy who was willing to comb the pastures, looking for the wood chunks.  He was strong enough to lug them all  over to the trailer. Bless him for this!

And this lovely thing erupted in front of my office this morning. There are iris plants everywhere so hopefully there will be more flowers!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    YES!! Consider yourself the contractor! The tree guy won’t be here for another 3 weeks (dang it!) so
    we went ahead and did more fencing! This finishes off the bad fencing horrors. THANK YOU. I cannot wait
    to see the trees planted! What a difference it will make!

  2. Marty Tadtman

    That makes me sooo happy to see!!! Love the fence! A good day!!

  3. dawndi Post author

    Oh how horrible! These chunks had all been chainsawed, so they were blunt and short.
    But oh my gosh what a horrible experience for you and your friend. So sorry.

  4. Marge

    Glad to see you picked up the wood pieces. I will never forget the time I was riding on the trails with friends when one of the horses stepped on a stick that came up and pierced his chest. He went down and never came back up, he bled out on the trail.

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