Bait and Switch and GOTCHA, there you go! (putting a fly mask on a Shetland…)

I’m not going to say this is the best way to put a flymask on a pony… but it may be the fastest way when there is a sudden sunny day and an uncomfortable Shetland eye.

First of all, I don’t know much about Pony Rocky Balboa except that he came from a kill pen in Texas – and he seems to be sweet, but very studly when he wants to be, and will turn his back-end to you when he feels he needs to exert his power.

Little Man.

I think we are done with the hind end pointing towards me, but I do see him still doing it to the badonkadonks when cookies are around.  However, I have also noticed that Ethel Merdonk pays no mind to his hind end – which leads me to believe he is all hat and no cattle.


Today, weirdly, is a bit too warm with bright sun (when the rest of the USA is in an unprecedented cold snap).  Rocky needs to have his eye washed and he needs to wear a flymask.  There are no flies, but there is direct sun shining.

So, I went to his paddock armed with:  cookies (of course, loaded in the incorrect pocket for this task – which I quickly corrected) warm water, a clean cloth, eye soother drops and a new flymask for ponies.

I went in with a ‘cookie and halter slight of hand’.  He took the bait and halter was on.  OK>  Then I put the clean cloth in the bucket of warm water, squeezed out the excess and then let him sniff it.  I put the warm cloth on his eye and he LOVED that sensation.  Slowly I rubbed the dried bits off and soothed the area with the damp warmth.  Cookie reward.  Next, I did the same halter slight of hand with the flymask – and again he took the bait.  It was on and halter removed!

What I did learn was that he has worn a flymask previously or else he would have reacted to the sound of the velcro and the sensation on his hair.  He didn’t.  He also didn’t mind when I tried to pull his mane through the mane-hole unsuccessfully.

To be clear, he did not like his ears to be touched.  A clue…

Anyway, The Pony King is now wearing a mask to keep out the bright sun on his one blue eye – and to soothe and protect the other missing eye area.

The pony king, Rocky Balboa, wearing his new mask to protect his blue eye – and protect his non-eye area.

During cookie reward time, he put his hind end right up to Ethel Merdonk, and she didn’t care… a clue.



He was found in a kill pen in Texas.  However, he could be from anywhere.

The brands could be from one or two different ranches.

His left hip has a “69” or maybe an infinity symbol, not sure.

His right hip has a “CW”.

If you know anything about where he might have come from … PLEASE let me know!

His left hip has a “69” or an infinity symbol, not sure. Do you know this brand?

His right hip has a huge ‘CW’.


They always seem to give me an album cover shot.

Princess Buttercup Pebbles, Ethel Merdonk and Pony King Rocky Balboa.

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  1. Natalie

    Do you know the brand inspector in your area? My brand inspector here in New Mexico helped me track down a brand on a horse I’d purchased at auction.

  2. Lana M DeNoni

    Ahhh a perfect fit! They are sure lucky to be in your care.
    Those ‘brands’ are disgusting….burnt flesh on this little pony & the size of them? They don’t look like a freeze brand!
    What about contacting a brand inspector?

  3. Laurie Grann

    Good work Dawn! In is heartwarming to read how you are taking care of these animals. Inspiring.

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