BABY WATCH is ON! Our Bucket Fund mares are both showing signs if imminent births!

Oh my Gosh!  Baby Watch is on!    (If you missed their original story, click here.)

Both of our Bucket Fund tribal fillies’ births are imminent.  Keona (Palomino) has a huge milk vein and a bag.  KiKi (brown) doesn’t look large and isn’t very healthy, but she has quite a bag and is waxing…

Everyone is concerned about Kiki’s impending foal.  Hopefully, Kiki gave all of the nutrition she received to her baby.

Here are pics from yesterday.

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This is Kiki. She has a bag and is waxing. Hopefully the nutrition she did receive is going to her baby.

Her bag is not full, but she is waxing…

This is Keona. Her milk vein is ready to go, as you can see. She has a bag but is not waxing yet.

MARCH BUCKET FUND!  SO SKINNY, THEY HARDLY LOOK HEAVILY PREGNANT, young, starved and left on a kill lot… MARCH BUCKET FUND tribal fillies: Keona and Kiki!


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