AWESOME NEWS! My work is adopting more donkeys – Mama and Baby donkey pairs!

I’m so excited!  (If you missed the story of the first 4 wild donkeys to be released on Halter Ranch Winery, click here.)

Where I work (Halter Ranch Winery) just purchased a nearby property that has barns and sheds and lots of pastures – plus 500 acres!   And… the property needs fire prevention/weed abatement donkeys!

Our General Manager has decided to go back to All Seated in a Barn Rescue to adopt 2 Mama/Baby pairs!    These two duos were in a kill pen in Texas.  All Seated in a Barn Rescue saved them and brought them to California.

The big news… both of the Mamas are pregnant!  This is why the new property is perfect:  it has proper barns!   We can now keep these Mamas, their babies and the babies on the way – safe from mountain lions.

I have not seen the property yet… just photos.  IT LOOKS AWESOME!

The donkey pairs will be delivered next week!

Here are the pics of the lucky donkeys who will be the very first residents of this additional acreage to Halter Ranch Winery.

I am so grateful that I was in the right spot, at the right time, with the right general manager… to believe in a wild donkey program – and follow through.  I.  Am.  Elated!


This spotted jenny is one of the Mamas…. this was her on their freedom ride home from the kill pens

This is the other Mama and baby pair. Both Mamas are pregnant. They were found in a kill pen in Texas

This is the other baby… isn’t that kill pen auction sticker just heartbreaking?!!

Such a striking baby!


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  1. Doris McQuiddy

    This is just awesome! I am so very happy for you and those beautiful donkeys.

  2. Lana M DeNoni

    That more people are realizing these sweet little creatures will do your property good, as well as protect smaller animals.
    It’s horrific what is happening to those that are slipping thru to Mexico & other parts of the world (Africa) for the Chinese market (gel from their hides)!!! Yes it’s beyond unconscionable.
    Are the donkeys from Border Horse Slaughter Rescue? They have saved hundreds.
    Can’t wait for pictures of them in their new ‘home’!

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