Author Mitchell Bornstein has donated five copies of his book, LAST CHANCE MUSTANG for our July Bucket Fund horse, “Read”, the mustang with the embedded halter! Come get yours!!

I love it when authors are so excited to help our horses that they donate books!

This time we are very fortunate that the incredible book, LAST CHANCE MUSTANG,  (my review is linked here, I loved it!) is available from the author, Mitchell Bornstein – he sent 5 copies to me specifically earmarked for this mustang.   He was very moved by the photo of Read with the embedded halter wound…

Just as a refresher, LAST CHANCE MUSTANG is about one man who agreed to train a mustang whose time was running out.  No one could work with this horse and his days were numbered.  The book journals the ups and downs of training the ‘impossible’ horse – as well as gives the reader an easy to understand, documented history of the BLM and The Mustang.  A great read!  Emotional.  Inspiring.  A Very Happy Ending.

PLEASE get your copy to benefit our July Bucket Fund horse!  Thank you Thank you!


If you missed the offer but would still like to help Read, click here!  All donations with this link are tax deductible.



The sale of these books will directly benefit our JULY BUCKET FUND HORSE, “READ”, WHO HAD A HALTER EMBEDDED INTO HIS FACE.  To help Read, or to learn of his story, click here!

This is our July Bucket Fund horse, "Read". Click to learn of his plight and to donate!

This is our July Bucket Fund horse, “Read”. Click to learn of his plight and to donate!

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