ASHES INTO GLASS: A beautiful way to reconnect with your rainbow bridge pet.

It is so heartbreaking to lost a beloved pet.  We’ve been reading so many sad stories of animals lost in the fires here.

Yesterday, this story came across my desk:

“Today I picked up my ring from Ashes into Glass with a small part of my baby girl inside. Minnie died from cancer 10 weeks ago, she had just had her first cycle of chemo and had been responding well and literally over night it became so aggressive she went downhill rapidly. We got her to the hospital and after speaking with the specialist realised we would have to make the hardest (but right for her) decision to let her go and cross the rainbow bridge. She fell asleep one last time in her mummies arms (her safe place) knowing she was loved more than words can explain. She was a real mummy’s girl and I miss her so much and now I have my amazingly beautiful ring with a part of her in that I can wear so she is with me forever and always, engraved with her name and nickname (my baby wolfie cub). Thank you so much for the care and precision taken. Allowing me to watch the stone be created was amazing. I am so happy with everything but most of all I have her with me always ?? the most precious thing of all where she belongs ?”


So I searched online to find Ashes to Glass.  They started in the UK but have an office in NY.  They send you a packet that tells you what to do… and you send it back.  You pick the design you’d like… and Ashes to Glass does the rest.

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Here is the email address listed on the website:

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