ARE WE MOVING AGAIN? The suspense is thick!

Hubby might be promoted soon… and we might be moving again soon.

For those of you with horses, you know how MOVING makes one feel.  Nervous and excited.  That’s how it makes me feel.

I mean, I love our sweet wine town of Paso Robles.  But, it hasn’t been a great move for me and the horses.  So, the idea of a ‘do over’ – is very exciting.

We might get to move back to our Grass Valley house… we might have to move somewhere completely new… or I might move back to Grass Valley while Hubby gives his new job (whatever it may be) a trial – so that we don’t make another huge horse move and then he doesn’t like what he is doing.

Also, I’ve learned that it is best to live in a town for a year before purchasing, if possible.  This way you learn if yo like it and you also learn the areas you feel most at home.

I do miss our Grass Valley ranchette. Here you see Gwen in front.  Sam is hidden behind her, Rojo is the chestnut behind and Remi is far tight.  (Sam passed at Skydog Sanctuary.  Rojo and Remi are still at Skydog, living free.)


So I couldn’t help myself… I received an email from my friend, Susan Ellis-Saller, who does card readings.  She is having a sale for $9.99  to answer one question.

OMG!  Yes!  Help me understand what is out there for us!  So I clicked on the link and paid the $9.99. I decided to ask:  “Will we be moving soon?”   I heard back the next morning.

Here was her answer:

Awesome!  I feel better.


Hello my dear !

The warmer weather and sunshine have me filled with optimism, positivity, and just a radiant feeling! I’m outside replanting my gardens and planning for the coming year!

It feels like crawling out of my cave after a long winter’s hibernation. Are you feeling it too??

I wanted to share my happiness with you by offering some special prices on my readings!

3 Card Reading – $9.99 (not usually available)

You can get a three-card reading about a variety of different topics. You can either choose what each card means, or I will assign it to Past, Present, and Future for the situation you are asking about.

Angel Team Reading – $77 instead of $111
Would you like to learn more about the angels who have been assigned to work with you based on your day and date of birth, plus some channelled angel messages? Order an Angel Team Reading!This report breaks down your Guardian Angels and those who rule over your birth month, zodiac sign, and also the areas of interest you are called to pursue. This month, the readings are on sale for $77! (normal price $111)

Year Ahead Reading – $99 instead of $150
We’re approaching the start of the Zodiac Year and I LOVE doing year ahead readings! These readings include a three-card Central Theme for your year ahead, plus at least 2 cards for each month (March 2020 – February 2021 or April 2020 – March 2021).Normally, these reports cost $150, but right now, you can get a special price of $99!
If you order a reading, please allow at least 3 business days for delivery. They will be read on a first-come, first-served basis. These readings are email readings. If you’d like to get a Skype or Zoom reading, message me for more details!With kind regards and wishes of good health to you!

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  1. Kitty Bo

    I hope you get to move back to Grass Valley. I know you were happy there. I bet your horses would love it! But what ever is best for you!

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