I wanted to thank you all for participating in the Bucket Fund during Tax Month!

I know it was difficult for many of you and I greatly appreciate all your efforts – whether it be thoughts, prayers or donations.

Here are the receipts!

The first is for Champ who passed (his medical fees were over $2000) and Connie/Little Champ.  Yahoo!  These donations were able to pay all of Champ’s expenses and also help Connie and Little Champ with the birth and feed.  Wonderful!

The second receipt was In Champ’s Honor for the “8” skinny horses who arrived several days ago.  Although this receipt isn’t as robust as the previous, it is a great help to the SF SPCA who now is feeding over 70 horses!   (If you’d like to donate further or later or directly to SF SPCA, you can click here.)

Thank you all!

Here is a note from Jeanette from SF SPCA:

Just a note to thank you for all your help this month.

Feed costs us over $10,000 a month.  Champ’s vet expenses alone were over $2,000.   Even though we lost him, every single penny of that was money well-spent trying to save him.  In the end, Champ was a very beloved horse and his memory lives on through Little Champ.  Not the miracle we were hoping for, but a miracle nonetheless.






While Hubby was/is Overseas, Boyman’s parents called to say that he was suddenly far too interested in girls and rugby to pay Bodhi the attention he deserves…

I told them that I would love to have him back, of course!

Leslie's truck coming up the driveway - the other horses are starting to gather!


So, within a few days, the van (Wings Horse Transport – love them – 619-559-8561) was in Davis, just a few hours from us… Yikes!!!  I had a previous appointment and the van was early – if you can imagine a horse transport being early – so I had to call a friend to go get Bodhi from the Nevada County Fairground which was the meeting point.

My friend Leslie, who also trains Wrigley, volunteered to get Bodhi.  She loves Bodhi.  Everybody loves Bodhi…

He's here!!



I was busy with my work and things when I heard Leslie’s truck/trailer rumbling down the road towards my driveway.  OMG!  My horses were hysterical with glee!  All of them were running and snorting and fussing and making complete joyous ruckus all over the place!  The ponies totally ran amock!

22 yr-old Tess prancing just before she took her header... Slick circling the shelter like a maniac and Dodger was trying to catch my attention to let him out!...


Poor Tess actually fell down while she was spinning around her paddock!  Everyone had gone bonkers!

Boy.  I wish they would greet me like that…

Slick is still circling the shelter at full speed and Dodger is hoping I let him out to run freeeeeee!

Anyway, this response was very different than when Finn and I go for a ride and return.  Usually they barely lift their heads for our arrival.  But this… this was EPIC!  It was if Brad Pitt was arriving.  Or Justin Bieber or you fill in your McDreamy.

Leslie pulled him out of the trailer and he paraded around like the long-lost Prince that he was.

Leslie with Bodhi... look at all the horsey faces in the background!


He needs a few pounds (you all know that I loooove to feed…) but all in all, he is just fine and we are happy to have him back.

Stay tuned… Leslie has plans for him.  I will keep you all posted!

Business as usual... Bodhi and Dodger commence fighting over the fence. Ahhhh, home at last!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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