ANNIE’S on a Christmas card!

As most of you know, Annie went to live with my very best friend whom I’ve known since forever because our mothers were pregnant together.

Lorelie loves Annie.  Annie is her breath of fresh air and her escape.  So far, Annie has learned all the things I could not teach her (before my new hip…), and she is under saddle.

Here the are together…


Logan and Annie!

My friend had her first grandchild in 2020… Logan and Annie grace the cover of Lorelei’s Christmas card this year!

A while back, Lor told me that she was doing a photo shoot with Annie… and I had forgotten.  She actually sent to me the favorite pics and asked me which one I liked best.  I liked best the one she chose.

Here are the other two.

I am taking bets on whether Lorelei turns this baby into a horsecrazy little girl – like we were, and still are!

DECEMBER BUCKET FUND – THE DONKEY PONY 5!  All taken from a killer feedlot, these 5 need bail repayment/vetting/shots/wormer/trailering/quarantine.  $350 each or $1750 for the 5.  They are adorable (one pony even had braided hair at the kill pen) and deserve a fresh start.  Can anyone adopt the pregnant Jenny?

Please help if you can!  MANY MANY MANY THANKS!

Click here to donate!  All donations are 100% tax deductible.  We are halfway to our goal!  We have helped almost 3 of them!   2 more need us!!!

*If you are a wonderful home anywhere close enough to Bakersfield, CA, I have an adoption form for you!  There are many more at the Rescue!

One eyed Shetland, Pregnant Jenny, timid Jenny

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  1. Doris McQuiddy

    Wow! What a beautiful Christmas card! I’m sure that puts a certification stamp of approval on your decision to let Annie go to your friend’s home. What a lucky, beautiful child.

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