ANNIE AND MO, SITTIN’ IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! I never would have thought those two…!

So we had a break out the other morning… Wrigley had been working the gate and I didn’t notice… (lots going on lately) and he managed to bend the carabiner that was holding the chain around the post.  BINGO!   Finn, BG, Wrigley and Mo were all FREE!  – Free to join Annie, Missy Miss, and Gwen.

Wowee!  I wish I had been awake to see that all happen…

When I went out to feed in the morning, it was very peaceful.  In fact, the only reason I knew there had been a breakout, was because there were too many horses in front of me.

They weren’t fighting, they were just there. Waiting for breakfast.  All of them.

I came outside, and there were far too many horses in the paddock in front of me…Usually, there were 2-3. This morning, there were 7. Ooops!

I quickly looked to my right, where 4 of them should have been standing there eyeballing me for breakfast… and there was nothing. Crickets. Tumbleweeds. No horses at all.


Well, it was obvious that Finn, the Protector of BG, was not going to win over Annie.  Annie knows that she is the biggest, and expects everyone to bow down to her.  Finn, however, didn’t get that memo and frankly, he probably wouldn’t ever, backdown.  His mission in life is to protect his sister.

So, I knew I had to move them or Finn was going to get hammered.

I opened one gate where the two had clustered, “Get us outta here!  She’s mean!”

They calmly walked out.  They walked all the way around the house – which made Wrigley go crazy – and to the gate of their paddock.  Good horsies.

Wrigley continued to throw a fit.  He could not handle them being ‘out’ and he wasn’t.  He kicked and bucked and did every kind of rodeo he knew.

But, I wouldn’t let Wrig out until the other two were safely put away in their paddock.

Of course, Finn and BG were perfect as I opened the gate.  They went in.  Easy peasy.

Phew.  2 down, 2 to go.

They were all lined up on this fenceline. Annie, Missy Miss, Mo, Gwen, Finn, BG, Wrig and then Norma and Dodger, who were still in their paddock.

Missy Miss and Mo were nearest to Annie. Gwen is the dark mare.

Then we had BG and Finn. Finn has on the flymask.

Norma and Dodger were in their paddock, so I shut the gate to the smaller side and let Wrigley into the other side of their paddock.


For me… I learned while constructing all the paddocks at the Grass Valley House – it is best to have all the paddocks interconnected.  Gates, gates and more gates.

In this way, I can always separate and move the horses around should there be any issues – or just to let a pasture rest.  I don’t  have to go in and halter anyone; I can just open a gate and their curiosity makes them go through it.

Anyway, that is how I secured Wrigley, who is the most volatile of them all.  He is the one that would need to be calmed and settled – or else he will stir the group.

I saw that he was near the pony pasture gate, so I opened it.  He went in.

Yay!  Containment.  For now, anyway.

After I had Finn, BG and Gwen over in their usual paddock, I simply opened the lower gate into the 5 acre pasture and let Wrigley run around, on his own, into their adjoining pasture (that was the gate they had broken through).  Once he was settled, I closed the gates into the 5 acre paddock and got a new, stronger carabiner to hold it while I figured out why the hot wire wasn’t working… .  It wasn’t plugged in.  Oy.  Simple fix.

I knew I had to contain Wrigley because he is the excitable one. If he was under control, I could easily move the others. So, I opened the gate to the pony pasture (since Wrig was nearest that gate) and he went it. Perfect! Once he discovered that he was in there, alone, he was not too happy. Temporary.


I was not surprised to see Mo buddy up with his former flame, Missy Miss.  But I was surprised that he wormed his way into Annie’s heart!

Annie loved him from afar, I guess… because as soon as he got in with her, he was eating out of her bin.


In fact, she let them both eat with her – for a while.

And then it was just Mo.  Only Mo could eat with her.

So, I left them all together…  Missy Miss, Annie and Mo.

I moved Gwen in with Finn, BG and Wrigley.  She is OK there… but when the weather changes, I’ll put her in with Norma Jean and Dodger.

At first, Annie let both Missy Miss and Mo eat with her. I could not believe it!

And then it was just Mo. Or at least he could be nearby… while she ate. He could grab her scraps.

But it didn’t take long…

He was eating with her. Oh My Gosh, wonders never cease! Annie tends to like the smaller guys like Norma Jean and Dodger. I guess she has a soft spot for the different ones.


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