This is so exciting!  I’ve been waiting to tell you until I knew it was real!

My best friend since we were born, Lorelie, who has Annie, asked Gillian if Annie could come and train with Dalton.  This way, Annie can be in trail riding training and Lor and I can ride together!

Gillian agreed!

Today, which is Tuesday… Gillian and I are going down to Southern CA to pick up Annie and bring her back for training!  She will be living with Dalton in Arroyo Grande!

I’m so excited!!

Annie has spent 2 years letting Lor love on her, teach her about saddles and riding –  and training human baby girls – now she gets to come and learn about trails!

This is Lor with her granddaughter in training … on Annie. Granddaughter is learning all about horses!

Brushing time…

Communication time…


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We are halfway to our goal!



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