ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR, Candi Cane Cooper, is running a HALF PRICE special this month!

Candi Cane Cooper (yes, that is her birth name…) is a great friend of Horse and Man.  Over the years, Candi has helped promote the Bucket Funds through her wide reaching  FB page.

In addition to her animal communication good works, Candi also raises money for her own Rescue Foundation, The Sweet Water Ranch, Inc.

This month, Candi is promoting her Sweet Water Ranch by offering half price readings!  Now, for $100, you get an entire hour reading (instead of $100 for a half hour).  Yay!

Here is a video to meet Candi, if you haven’t worked with her already.

Click image to learn about Candi!


Click image to go to her website and take advantage of her April special!

THE APRIL BUCKET FUND KICKED OFF YESTERDAY for sweet, baby Barbara!  She has an operable wry-mouth and needs funds to get to her surgery, performed by a specialist, in Tennessee.  You can read her story here!

We have a good start, but we still need $3200 for transportation.  Can you help us get her to her life saving surgery?!  Click here to donate!

Thank you!!!

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  1. Jason

    I have heard some great things about Candi, she seems very good at working with horses and communicating with them. I’d imagine you’d get a great insight into your horses mind if you took up the offer here. And it’s for a good cause too!

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