Animal Communication – The OTHER Kind…

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Animal Communication – the regular kind…(link here).  Many of you read it and then sent me  emails asking if I knew anything about the other kind of Animal Communication – the kind we speak about in whispers.

Well, actually, I do have some experience with that kind of Animal Communication.  I’ll tell you a few stories and then give you a few names…  Oh, and I’m not trying to make a “believer” out of you.  Simply, I’m just relaying what has happened in my life.  Yup, I never talk about this unless someone asks — and even then, I pretty much lower my voice and try to not sound too crazy.  But, these things DID happen so here goes…

( I am a firm believer that horses have all the emotions we do.  And, maybe some people are better at noticing than others.  Maybe Psychic Animal Communicators are actually just better listeners or have honed their skill.  Dunno.)


OK, this is how I was introduced to the idea of psychic Animal Communication.  Here’s the story…  When Aladdin was a young horse, so 2o years ago, he was still intact and living in a show barn in a small town in Oregon.  This small town had lots of lovely horse farms but also had some unsavory characters living there with not enough to do.  You know the type…

Anyway, one Satanic High Holiday (who knew…?), n’er do wells broke into the show barn and did much damage while they were trying to gather ingredients for their primitive and ridiculous (sorry) re-enactment of some ritual.  They cut many manes, cut off tails and worst of worst, tried to geld Aladdin in his stall.

Aladdin after the attack... fine but very upset.

Much ensued and the Police arrived.

Here is where it gets interesting…  The Detective called in a Pet Psychic.  That’s what he called her.  He said that he had 25 witnesses and needed to speak with them but none of them could talk… So, for him, it was worth the risk of appearing odd.   I asked him if anyone knew he did this.  His response burned a hole in my brain.  He said, “We all use them, we just don’t talk about it.”    I was flabbergasted and decided to stick around for this.

The psychic came and talked to the horses.  I watched her.  I remember being very moved as she told us that the old stallion (20 years) was very, very upset that he lost his mane.  He said that his mane was his symbol of strength and manliness.  He was devastated. The psychic offered to weave horse tail hair into his remaining mane but he didn’t think it would be good enough.  She asked him to please let us try that… and he finally agreed.  It took about a week for the extensions to arrive in the mail (this was way before hair extensions were popular).  During that time, the morose stallion wouldn’t come out of his stall, he wouldn’t eat and he was dying of shame.

I swear to you.  As soon as those extensions were woven into his mane, he came alive.  He went outside and trotted around and snaked his neck as he felt his hair flowing in the wind.  “I’m BACK!” was his expression.  I was there…

This stallion lived another 11 years…

Anyway, back to the main story…  the psychic spoke to all of the horses to find out about who had done this to them.  From these psychic investigations, the police had enough clues to solve the case — with no human witnesses.  The horses described the sex, age and look of the perps.  They described who stood lookout and where, they described how it went down, what tools were used and the type of vehicle.

All the kids were caught and some were old enough to spend time in jail…

True story.


About 8 years ago, Aladdin was living with me in Oregon.

Anyway, Norma (the donkey) had been living with us for a few years and Aladdin hated her.  H-A-T-E-D her.  She could not get near him.  If he saw her, he would run after her and try to kill her.  I had to keep her separated and far away from him.  It was awful.  I just couldn’t understand it.  And, this bad behavior had to change because I was moving back to CA and they all had to ride together in the trailer.

So, I asked one of my trainers if they knew of a person who could speak to Aladdin about his treatment of Norma.  “Yes!”, he said.  He gave me the name of his personal animal psychic.  He said she would work over the phone.  Hmmmmm, I thought.   Couldn’t hurt but could help.  I called her.

This woman was very gracious and she told me that Aladdin just didn’t like donkeys.  He thought they looked funny, smelled funny and had no right to be in his pasture.  She asked him if he knew how smart donkeys were?…  She told him that donkeys can open most gates, they are very brave with intruders and also can hear better than any horse.  She continued by telling Aladdin that Norma was an asset to his pasture and he should embrace her.  Aladdin resisted.  Then she added the zinger.  She told him that he would be a very foolish horse to not know the value of a donkey.  For some reason, that perked him right up.  She told me that Aladdin told her he would think about it…

Sweet Norma...

The next day, I swear to God, I walked out to the barn and somehow Norma was standing nose to nose with Aladdin and they were eating the same hay flake.  Norma had let herself into Aladdin’s pasture (which she would NEVER have done before) and they were eating together.

They were best friends from that day forward until his death.  And, because Aladdin loved her, all the horses accepted her.

Oh, as an aside, the psychic told me that Aladdin wanted a shiny, bright, Western headstall instead of the plain English leather he wore.  So, I got him one.  Actually, I brought a few home and he picked his favorite (he nosed it 3 out of 3 times) and he wore that every time we rode.  I know he felt very handsome.


A year later, we all moved to CA.  Fannie and Pearl were my two pot-bellied pigs.  They were both 13 at the time.  Old for pigs…  Well, Pearl decided she didn’t want to move (I’m guessing) and she passed away the day we were supposed to leave.  Fannie didn’t have time to grieve.  We sedated her to get her onto the van and I think she was very confused and deeply upset about losing her home and her sister.

When we got to CA, Fannie left the van, walked over to one of the horse shelters, laid down and didn’t move for a month.

I was beside myself.  Four times a day I squirted blended fruit juices into her mouth and mashed pig pellets.  I turned her so she wouldn’t get sores on her sides.  I cleaned up her messes daily.  It was awful.  Finally, I contacted some learned pig people who told me about a famous pig communicator in NY.   I called her.

The communicator, who I told nothing, told me that Fannie was devastated about her losses.  She just didn’t want to live anymore.  The communicator (whose name I’ve forgotten but could find again if pressed) spoke to Fannie lovingly and told her how much I wanted her to get better.  She told Fannie that the new farm was a very good one and there was lots to experience, if she would just give it a try.

Fannie had a few things to say… She wanted to be able to roam WHERE EVER she wanted.  She wanted to have her OWN SPECIAL bed again and she wanted more of the cold liquid that I had been feeding her through the “hard nipple” (this blew me away…).  The communicator asked me if I agreed to all of that.  I did.  “OK,” she said, “go on out to Fannie and tell her you love her and that today is a new day — go while I’m on the phone with you so we can continue to speak to her.”

So, I went to the barn and found Fannie still in the same position.  I carried some cantaloupe juice in my syringe.  She took the juice very happily and then stood right up.  Fannie shook and gave her “oof oof” noise, then trotted off to the main barn to pick out her bed.  That was that.  A month of mourning was over.

Swear to God.   I have witnesses.

Fannie after her "episode" with Aladdin in the background.

NAMES AND NUMBERS… I’m no expert… but here are some names

1)  If I need to contact my animals, I use  A.Christine Gates, 310-500-7604.   Christine has helped me through “my accident“, my fear of my horses after my accident, some training issues and Aladdin’s passing.  I try not to call her too often as I think it is important to try your hardest to listen to your animals intuitively on your own.  But, if I need her, she always comes through.

2)  Lydia Hibby:  I know one of my trainers loves her.  I haven’t contacted her personally, but I have watched her talk to a very upset horse at a show.  She did a great job.

3)  Sonja Fitzpatrick:  Sonja is the Pet Psychic from Animal Planet.  I’ve seen her work with Tad Griffiths and also I have contacted her personally.  She is kinda spendy but she is very, very kind.  Her specialty is animals that have passed.

4)  Amelia Kincade:  I went to her clinic to learn animal communication.  It was quite revealing and I was glad I went. If you are interested in learning this, she was quite good.

Click on image to see it larger

5)  A book you might like …  WHAT HORSES SAY  (Anna Clemence Mews & Julie Dicker)

And there you have it.  Color me crazy, but I kinda like being able to chat with my animals – or at least believe that I’m chatting with my animals…  If nothing else, it makes me feel like I’m doing something to bridge the gap.  As YODA says, “No try… Do!”

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September Bucket Fund is Grace, the skinniest horse still alive. Click the image to learn about her.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Emily Rodgers

    I know this post is a few years old, but I would love to get ahold of an animal communicator to ask my horse a few things. Are those people still the same ones you would recommend today?

  2. Robynne Catheron

    I totally believe in this if done in person, but I’m skeptical about it over the phone, I don’t understand how the animal hears the person on the phone if the animal is out in the pasture. I don’t get it, even though I want to believe it’s for real. I do know that when a good friend bought a young colt ten years ago, she used to sit in his pasture and sing nursery rhymes or tell him stories to help him bond with her. Ten years later, she invited Animal Communicator Chris Stakes (Suffolk, VA) to her barn on a whim for her boarders. Without telling anyone she was there, Chris walked through the barn and visited several of the horses on her way to meet their owners. When Chris introduced herself to my friend, she told her that her horse missed her funny little songs and stories.

  3. Suzanne

    Sue T., the animal communicator I work with is in Washington State, they all work long distance by phone, I believe. While it’s lovely to have them in the same place as your animal, it’s not very practical and not necessary! The animal communicator I work with is Raphaela Pope.

  4. Mary Kahn

    I used an animal communicator who used healing angels on my filly Masha who was unexpectantly born on one of the coldest nights of the year. The first time I used her, we worked on Masha first then her mom SQ. I remember when we went to work on SQ, she grabbed her feed trough and slammed it against the wall…the AC said she hated being a mom. (Masha was her first). Then the AC said, Masha may get up and move around…try and keep her quiet…as she finished saying that, Masha popped up and started running and bucking like a healthy filly. You se, up to that point, when she moved, if she moved, it was like a little old lady…barely moving her feet. From that day forward, she didn’t look back. The second time I used her, again on Masha…Masha had growing issues so we had surgery on her legs…even after surgery, one leg could not support her. We, the AC and I worked on her and the next day at the Vet’s, when we took off the bandages, she stood…even when the vet picked up her “good” leg. The last time I used the AC was when I had to put Masha down. We fought the good fight but it wasn’t meant to be…the AC talked to both Masha and my gelding Robbie. Masha’s passing was so peaceful…I don’t think the vet was done with the injection and she was gone. Robbie didn’t spasz out like he did when I put his mom to sleep. I can’t explain it all but SeaIntuit worked with the healing angels and performed miracles. Sorry I wrote so long.

  5. sue t

    As Maggie says, I too, would so love to believe in this. Any idea of animal communicators in Ontario (Canada)??

  6. Suzanne

    I too have worked with an animal communicator for years. She first came to a ranch where I was boarding my horse and, while I had never heard of “animal communication” before, I decided to give it a try on a lark. I was stunned during the session as I heard things from this animal communicator about my horse that she couldn’t have possibly known. I became a believer! I attended a workshop of hers and learned how it’s done. It’s a form of telepathy that does require focus and practice but really anyone can do it. We all did it as children but “learned” as we grew that it wasn’t “real” or “acceptable”. I have been amazed and humbled “talking” to my animals through the years. I still use the animal communicator (who has become a dear friend) when there are big issues to discuss. Maggie, pick up a book about it, go to a workshop; if you are an animal lover, it will enrich your life and that of your animals.

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