An Update on Trolley, the Brave Mare with a sock in her head…

Do you remember the post I wrote a while ago about a poor mare who was found at an auction with a sock superglued into a huge hole in her head?

Here is the link to my original post.

Trolley with the sock still in the horrendous head wound.


Trolley was unable to be sold at the auction because she was so injured.  I guess even the Killbuyers didn’t want her.  Luckily, one of the guys at the feedlot called Anouk Busch and asked her to take this mare.

No one can say for sure what happened to her.  The vet seemed to think it was a fence post that got her.  But, when I read the newest info, they now think she was bashed in the face while someone was riding her.  Dunno.  Anyway, the mare had a sock superglued into a hole in her forehead.

Once the sock was out and the wound cleaned, it looked surprisingly better than anyone thought.  I mean, it was still a huge hole in her forehead, but it could have been filled with maggots and other necrotic tissue but it wasn’t – just fluid and pus.  The sock, evidently, helped here.  Go figure.

The DR really felt that besides the emotional scars, Trolley was just fine.  And, this wonderful DR offered to fix the wound after Trolley made it through quarantine.  During her quarantine stay, Trolley was attending daily and her wounds were cleaned.  From all reports, she is a wonderful mare.  You can do just about anything with her except ride her (and can you blame her?).

Trolley with the sock gone and the wound clean.


Trolley had her first surgery and it was a success!  Although this photo makes it look like there is dirt in there, I hear they clean it daily.  Trolley is also scheduled for a second surgery in October. Here is my post after her first surgery.


Now, Trolley is fat, happy and available for adoption.  Any New Jersey takers for this mare who deserves to spend the rest of her life feeling loved and not threatened?  If you are interested in adopting Trolley, please read the below article and click on the appropriate links.  I think they want a New Jersey forever home because they’d like to keep her close to her DR or just to keep her close.  I’m not sure.

Brave Trolley after her surgery. That looks like dirt in there but I know they clean it everyday...


Here is the newest information on Trolley.  I sure hope she finds a gentle and loving forever home in New Jersey or near New Jersey.

Beautiful and Brave Trolley, waiting for a loving home.

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