AN UPDATE ON TIA AND SHAKIRA our March Bucket Fund horses

I received this email yesterday…

Hi Dawn,

I actually have some sad news to share. I have been sitting at my computer this morning trying to find the words to share it.  First, yes, our accountant said the funds were received just 10 minutes after you told me that you were sending, and we purchased product right away. But we just got some results back from new diagnostics on Tia, and sadly, the news is not good. The damage to her front hooves is such that it has been determined Tia would spend the rest of her life in pain and likely will never recover from the damage done to her bones. In consultation with our vet, we have made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize Tia. We are absolutely heartbroken; while we knew that her prognosis was guarded, we had hoped for a different outcome for her.  We know that this is the kindest decision. She has been to spend the past few weeks enjoying a good deal of pampering, sunshine, and companionship with staff and volunteers who care deeply about her. Your support enabled us to give her comfort in the past few days, and we will always be grateful!

On a more positive note, Shakira continues to improve daily, and we are smothering her with attention.

Dawn, I wish that I had better news for you to share, especially during this difficult time. I am hearing the news out of California from my brother and his family, and I hope you are staying safe.  I am thinking of you!

My best,


Heather Robertson, Director of Development & Marketing, MSPCA at Nevins Farm, 400 Broadway, Methuen, MA 01844


We knew, when we saw those initial photos, that this would be a difficult journey.   And I know it is difficult to see these pics and wonder why she couldn’t be saved…

Well, I went through this with MamaTess.  How much drugs vs. quality of life.  It is a very tough decision.  I’m sure keeping Tia on the threshold of low pain but not too low or she’d hurt herself… some food but not wanting to add any physical weight to her situation… and the reality of her bone deformity, was simply too much to overcome.   I know they did their best… and  I am sure they didn’t make this decision without plenty of deep consideration.  Especially since the entire community wanted these two mares to thrive.

I will continue to update us all on Shakira…

Thank you all for participating, without being guaranteed a happy ending for all.  It meant so much to Tia to have every possible gift in her last weeks – and you helped make all of that possible.

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts, prayers and donation.

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  1. Alexis Madison

    While I understand that humane societies and rescue organizations don’t like to point fingers or “out” those who have committed cruelty and neglect, sometimes there needs to be follow up on prosecutions. Why? Because sometimes that functions as a deterrent but it also means that those who want to contribute to the stopping of animal abuse and neglect don’t feel as though their efforts are just thrown into a void and forgotten. Too many times here in Oregon perpetrators of all kinds of violence and neglect whether of animals or of other vulnerable humans are simply let off entirely or given such paltry “punishments” that those consequences are deeply shocking to everyone who actually cares about these things and it really does lead to apathy/overwhelm. My personal opinion is that if more information was out there about prosecutions actually taking place and the punishments actually fitting the crimes upon conviction, more people would be encouraged to step up, volunteer, donate, adopt, and otherwise continue helping. Hiding the identity of the perpetrator(s) is IMO the wrong tactic. Just my two cents worth. In this case, more information can be found from the local news station WWLP if you want to look it up, and I’m not providing names, so Dawn you won’t be sued: the court hearing for the owner is April 29 – except, of course, for the fact that in most states (a) the court systems are shut down and (b) even if she was in jail (she was “released on personal recognizance” which means she did not even have to post bail which unfortunately tells you exactly how the state of Massachusetts disregards animal cruelty cases) she would be a candidate for release because the jails are emptying due to coronavirus. Seems like social media shaming would be the way to go – maybe the only way.

  2. Doris McQuiddy

    I will never regret contributing to Tia’s comfort. And, it is good to be a small part of Shakira’s comfort in her recovery.

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