During the last days of August, I brought you the sad story of the 49 mini horses that were horribly neglected by an animal hoarder – then saved by the Houston Humane Society with the help of Dr. Kris Anderson.  You can read that story here.

You remember these pics…

49 minis in horrible condition

OVER THE PAST MONTH, DR. KRIS AND HER TEAM HAS PERFORMED… 22 castrations, 49 hoof trims, 12 dentals,  removed a badly abscessed tooth, fixed abscessed/laminitic/slipper feet, saved a newborn, and devised 49 feeding plans… etc…!

It is a slow process of re-feeding for these minis who are all in such bad shape… But there is vast improvement over the last 4 weeks!

We have 22 castrations, 49 hoof trims… and several extra trims to refine original trims, several dental floats, lots and lots of medical care, hundreds of baths and groomings, AND A BABY!

The baby needed plasma, but is otherwise OK!  Mama is greatly improved, too, after delivering.

Only 11 more babies to go!

We are $600 short of our goal to help these 49 minis!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Any amount is greatly appreciated because it all adds up in the bucket fund!  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for helping these sweet, horribly neglected minis.

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This is #528. So. Much. Better! Cleaned up, hoof trimmed and eating!

This is #507. Same… trimmed, groomed and eating!

Remember #538?! Well, he is much happier now with new feet! And, he has been gelded. Look at his expression! His feet are wrapped because he still has some abscessing.

This is #541 – He was severely laminitic and had a belly full of sand. He has since been gelded, treated for sand, treated for laminitis and is doing much better!

This is the mini with the tooth abscess. You are looking at his rear end in the ‘after’ pic. He’s doing great! He had a full dental, was gelded and had his feet done a few times. They say his face is healed and that tooth is GONE!

Dr. Kris says: “517 was being a terror child. We had them penned for farrier, and he was harassing all of them. Almost this entire group has been cleared for adoption, as luck would hiave it. The bay is 511 (5 yr gelding), the grey butt next to him is 514 (4 yr Shetland mare), trouble maker is 517 (5 yr stallion – soon to be gelding) and grey on far right is 515 (10 yr mare). 515 is the only one who isn’t up for adoption yet because she’s pregnant.

This is #527 who was one of the worst but you cannot see very well because she is black. She came in heavily pregnant and delivered after only 2 weeks of care! As you can see, Mama and Baby are doing great! Baby had to have plasma, but so far, all is great!

A great sight!

Both of them will be fine. Sigh! Only 11 more mares to foal!

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