AN UPDATE on our July Bucket Fund starved and horribly neglected mustang mare, DREAM.

Our July Bucket Fund (we reached our goal!) was to help with the care and feeding of Dream, who was found and taken in by Skydog Sanctuary for recovery – and a wonderful forever home.

You can read her story here.

Dream, upon arrival at Skydog. She was already better, having eaten during transport… but just look at her. Horrible.


After just two weeks, this girl is bright and ready for a new life!  Just watch the below video.  Incredible.

She’s trotting out to the sound of her name being called! Dreamy has so much energy. It is amazing what food and great care will do!

Thank you, Skydog! Look at this girl. Amazing transformation.


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  1. Doris McQuiddy

    So happy to see Dream recovering. She is such a lovely being. May she live long and happy in peace.

  2. Clare Staples

    Thank you so much to everyone who donated for this beautiful and wonderful mare who certainly didn’t deserve what happened to her. She is doing so well under the best vet care love and volunteer devotion and we are so proud of being able to carry out this dificult rescue with all of your help so yet again thank you and God bless you for your support x

  3. Delrene

    Look at what some food and lots of care and buckets of love can do. She is a stunning girl.
    Thank you Dawn and thank you Sky Dog.

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