An update on Baby Goliath!

You all might remember our April Bucket Fund baby, Goliath.

He was found in the wild, newly born and unable to stand.  His tendons were horribly contracted.  LRTC rescued him and brought him to the equine hospital where Goliath received colostrum, plasma and meds to help release his tendons.  He was given casts, then splints… but Goliath is a huge baby and keeping up with his growth vs. tendon growth –  was difficult.

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Here is our boy yesterday and today!  HE IS HUGE!  The fence here is 5′ tall.

Goliath is still a bit awkward and uncoordinated when running… but slowly, he is becoming a regular, if not HUGE, baby horse.

Here are some beauty shots!  As you can see, his feet are still a bit straight… but much better and still improving.

He trailers, takes baths, wears halters, runs around… plays all day with other animals and horses.  His life is good as King.

Handsome after a bath.

He is 4 MONTHS OLD!!!


Click to watch movie

Click here to watch the video of Goliath running!  This is a huge feat as he wore braces for 3.5 months.  This boy is doing very well!

The next video was taken just a minute ago – hot off the presses.  Goliath is having breakfast with is good friend, a Clydesdale.  A CLYDESDALE!  That just shows how huge Goliath is at 4 months old!

Click image to watch video


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