An Update on Autumn (last chance to help her) and The World’s Largest Dog – GEORGE!


The end of the month and Autumn has gone from death’s door to a filly who has made a huge recovery and is headed towards a very healthy life!

If you missed her story, click here.  Autumn was born to an emaciated mother who was dumped in an auction yard.  The mother passed as soon as Autumn was born.  No one noticed the baby.  Her first packaged meal was 18 hours later.  Hope for Horses rescued her and she was in ICU for over two weeks.  A nurse mare was found and after much struggle and strife, little Autumn is on the mend – finally!

If you would like to help Help for Horses with her enormous hospital fees, please click here.

You can follow Autumn’s recovery on her FB page linked here.

Click here to donate for Autumn's recovery!



I had to pass this on because I find it fascinating.  I hope you do, too…














Very nice.


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LAST CHANCE to help Autumn in the November Bucket Fund! Click image!






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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RiderWriter

    Peg, I was wondering about that, too… someday soon it won’t be so “kyooot” when a person gets hurt. And yes, I thought about that poor stallion in “Buck.” I hope the rescue realizes they might be creating a monster before it’s too late.

  2. peg4x4

    I’m afraid Autumn is becoming quite spoiled — but not in a good way. I saw her kick one of her caretakers with NO responce except laughter.. They also were trying to make her run in the small space instead of keeping her calm. I’m worried for her future behavior (see “Buck”)
    Love George..

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