An Alternative (and I think MUCH SAFER) Tying Method For A Rope Halter. PLEASE FORWARD.

I found this You Tube video and am very grateful.  I’ve always used leather halters because at least I know they will break in emergencies.  That has been my fear with rope halters… if the horse pulls, falls, or heaven forbid, snags their head on something, the rope halter will tighten to the point of a binding knot, never to release again.

This man, Troy Griffith, is showing us a new way.  Tying a rope halter like this will guarantee that it will never bind or tighten around a horse’s neck.

In case you aren’t able to play this video:

  1.  Put the rope halter around the horse’s head as you normally would.
  2. Instead of putting the rope end through the loop from the back, put the end through the loop from the front.

Place halter on horse normally – but instead of putting the end through the loop from behind, put the end through the loop from in front.

3.  Then put the end back through the split in the poll piece.

Split the poll piece with the end.

4.  Adjust by lifting up on the end.

Adjust by lifting the end.

5.  Then tie as usual.

Then tie as usual.

6.  And no matter how much force is put on either end, the halter will not tighten.  The knot stays as it was.

No matter how much force is put on either end, the knot does not tighten.

7.  The knot slides right out – easily undone.

Even after all of that force, the knot slides out easily.

And there you have it!

I love the horse’s expression after the tutorial.  “Are we DONE yet?!”


Click image to watch the video!

Click image to watch the video



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  1. Natalie

    Thank you for this!
    I like using a rope halter, but always worried about this, and could never figure out a way to tie that would prevent the “tightening until I couldn’t remove it” scenario.
    One less thing to worry about.

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