Amazingly beautiful, poignant and compelling short film about Skydog Sanctuary’s GOLIATH AND RED LADY. You must watch!

We’ve written several posts about Skydog Ranch Sanctuary and all of their good works saving the American Wild Mustang from extinction.

Today, I’d like to give you the opportunity to watch a lovely and poignant short film produced by Skydog.  In this film, we learn about the love between horses in family units…  This piece is very well done, compelling and the perfect vehicle to learn about the  American Wild Horse – and how their future is threatened.

Please watch this short film and pass it onward.

THIS is why we do what we do.  THIS is why we are doing our best to save the Wild Ones and keep them free.

CLICK HERE to watch the short film.  And thank you.

Click image to watch this dynamic and poignant story of Goliath and Red Lady.

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