AMAZING SUCCESS AT FRONT STREET ANIMAL SHELTER (SACRAMENTO)! 223 PETS ADOPTED IN ONE WEEK! — If you work at a shelter or know or know anyone who does or are affiliated with a shelter, PLEASE PLEASE FORWARD THIS INCREDIBLE STORY!

Grass Valley is near Sacramento.  So, one of my Sacramento work buddies sent this initial FB posting from Front Street Animal Shelter . 

The shelter was over full.  They needed to do something drastic…

(To assuage your fears about putting animals ‘anywhere’, Front Street Shelter is a very reputable ‘no kill’ shelter.  It has been in Sacramento a long time and has many vested benefactors who watch over the operation.  The adoption process is just as rigorous as you would hope.  Remember that Sacramento and the surrounding area is a very populated place.)


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The FB post said that from now until the end of the year, a generous donor had made ALL ADOPTIONS FREE.  She would pay for all adoptions until the end of the year.

So… the campaign started with this video…

Click on the arrow below to watch the initial campaign video.


The turnout was amazing!  223 animals were adopted in the first week!  So many cages are empty!  But more will arrive, so never fear, there will be more pets available for lucky families.

Wow!!  This is so heartwarming!  I’m thrilled that this lovely woman came up with such an incredible idea.  Her generosity plus great marketing has done a awesome job here.  I hope other cities can follow suit!

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3 comments have been posted...

  1. Delrene from Carlsbad, CA

    What a wonderful woman to do that to promote adoption for all those deserving dogs and cats. I saw a beautiful German Shepherd in that video and so many wonderful people taking home for the holidays pets. Thank you for posting this Monday morning feel good piece of news.
    I hope the promotion continues. Sad, but yes, there will be more to fill those empty spots. All dogs look very healthy with their tails a-waggin’

  2. dawndi Post author

    I agree and should have indicated in the original post that this is a very reputable No Kill shelter that has a long standing
    relationship with its strong board of directors. They continued their same adoption process. But having said that, I do understand where you are coming from and we’ll see…
    I’d like to think that many adopters are like me this season. I would like another dog but do not feel I can afford the $300 adoption fee.
    If I lived there, I’d probably go down and adopt. (also Sacramento is a very large area – 223 in a week is a lot, but it is also a largely populated area)

  3. Mary Lu Kennedy

    I would be interested in knowing how many of the dogs adopted for free are returned to the Shelter within two months. It is a very generous offer but might not be the very best offer. The adopters need to do something to earn the dog.

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