Amazing calf rescue! (good ending)

I saw this story on my FB timeline and thought it would be perfect for a Sunday!

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On Wednesday the 18th we had a 5 week old bull calf disappear from the field. No trace of what happened or where he went. His mother balled for him for two days to no avail. On Saturday when we checked the cows his mother ran around the field bawling and we followed her (they usually know where to look and will tip you off if you watch them) however she stopped in the field and appeared to start grazing again. We kept driving checking other areas. We walked every fence row and checked every brush pile, no luck. We began to assume that coyotes had carried him off. I found it hard to believe that a 40-50 pound coyote would carry off a 150 pound calf and not leave a trace. So each time I would check the cows I would look for that calf. However, New calves were being born and life was moving on as we came to grips with the idea that the calf was not coming back. Well, this morning when I checked on the cows I happened to drive through the area where his mother was “grazing” on Saturday and noticed what I thought was a huge groundhog hole. It was so big I backed up to see how deep the hole was and I noticed something moving in the bottom. I parked the tractor and got off to take a closer look. Well, after 8 days, I had found that calf! He was 8 feet deep in a sink hole in the middle of the pasture field. His mother was not grazing on Saturday, but trying to show us where her baby was! So I made a quick phone call for reinforcements, 20 minutes later David Witt arrived with ropes, a shovel, and a ladder! I opened the hole wider and put the ladder down in it. I climbed in with the calf and slipped a rope around his chest. We had planned to tube feed him with electrolytes but he had so much energy we decided to just get him out of the hole. I lifted him as high as I was able and David pulled him the rest of the way with the rope. As soon as the calf got to the opening of the hole he began flailing trying to climb out and kicked me in the side of my head. By the time I got out of the hole the calf had slipped out of the rope and was chasing the herd across the pasture trying to nurse any cow that would stand still! He finally found his mother who wasn’t 100% sure she wanted him to nurse. However, once he got ahold of her udder he wasn’t letting go. Her bag was swollen from 8 days without a calf nursing but in less than 10 minutes it was empty and tight up against her belly. The calf had a huge milk mustache and his mother warmed up to him quickly. She began to bawl with excitement and used her chin to hold him against her like she was hugging him. It was clear she was grateful to have him back! We were also grateful and amazed to have him back. I have prayed many prayers in the past week for the calf’s safe return. I truly believe in the power of prayer as I have seen it’s results in my life on many occasions. This story reminds me of the Good Shepherd and the fact that Jesus will leave the 99 to find the one lost sheep. If you are lost, stuck in a hole, or just separated from the flock, Jesus offers redemption and an eternity with him in Heaven. All it takes from you is the acceptance of His love and forgiveness. Jesus has already done the work on the cross and He is searching for anyone who will answer his call. If you have never accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and would like to speak with someone about it feel free to reach out to me, I would love to pray with you about it.

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