It is ALMOST TIME TO MOVE THE HORSES… sitting here waiting, I thought this story was perfect.

I have been waiting to move the horses for a while.

First, the hauler had to wait for me to finish the fences at the new place.

And then, since fence building took longer than expected, I had to go to the back of the line with the hauler.

Now I hear that she (the hauler) might be here tomorrow.  Or, at least the first load of 5 might leave tomorrow.

Rojo and his harem... so comfy in Grass Valley.

Rojo and his harem… so comfy in Grass Valley.  (Remi, Sam, Rojo and Gwen)


I know the basic configuration of the hauler’s trailer.  I know I have 3 compartments to work with.  So, I can divvy them up according to who gets along with whom and who ties and who doesn’t.

My concern (well, I have several, it is me, after all, and I’m always concerned…) in moving the first group is that the sheer act of moving the first group will send the second group into a tizzy.  I know Dodger always colics if there is any change…

Hubby will be on the other end at the new house, taking care of the first load, so I have to send the easy ones first, I think.

Or at least that is the plan now.


The trick will be loading up the Stang Gang.  Remi refuses to tie.  Sam has never learned (although everyone including Monty Roberts has tried) and Rojo pretends that he’s forgotten how to tie.

But, the Mustangs would be the easiest for Hubby to care for alone.  They are a very simple, non-hysterical group.  As long as they have food and water, they’re OK.  And they don’t challenge fences.  (I’m still concerned about some wire fencing between the neighbors and us.) So, I want to try to load Sam, Remi and Rojo first.  I figure they can go together in a double compartment, loose.

Then Annie.  She can go in the final compartment.  Annie isn’t that easy because she tests fences, but she is young and healthy.  So, she could manage a change without colic or much upset.  And Hubby said he would put hotwire on her fence on Saturday, so the fence testing will be minimal.

That’s the plan, anyway.  We’ll see what happens.

The next group would be those who tie:  Finn, BG, Gwen, Wrigley, Norma and Dodger.    They should be easy to load but they are more emotional as a group.  So, I want to be with them – and stay with them – once they off load on the other end.  So if they are the second load, then I can stay and make sure they are settled.


I’ve never had to move horses in this extreme heat.  We will probably start very early and arrive just before the heat of the day.  I also know the hauler would like to travel at night.  I’m a bit worried about arriving at night to an unknown pasture and unknown fences.  But, we will do whatever makes sense at the time.

Sigh.  I will be quite happy when the move is done.


And then I get to go back to Grass Valley and do the major cleaning.  I’ve pretty much done most of it… but I want to spit shine the place for the renters who move in July 1.

Remi hopes we take the patio furniture...

Remi hopes we take the patio furniture…


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The town of Bruno incorporated the unconventional barn “raising” into their centennial celebration in July of 1988. It really was a perfect example of the community coming together to support a neighbor. On the day of the move, more than 4000 spectators turned up to watch the event. News crews even came out to catch the whole event on film. It only took a few minutes to move the barn from its original location to its new foundation on higher ground. From the looks of it, the barn movers had a great time taking part in this memorable project.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 1.55.14 PMJune Bucket Fund:  Ohh, we are so close!!  Any Starbucks?  We need just several more Mocha frappachinos to fill Sonata’s Bucket!  Sonata still needs her teeth done!  If we can fill the Bucket, she gets it all!  And she is so deserving after being dropped off at a feedlot with the gigantic hole in her shoulder!  Click here to read her story. Click here to donate!

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  1. Laurie

    Dawn that has to be the absolute best picture I’ve ever seen.
    That one needs a caption for sure.
    Every horse has his ears up and they are sure close together.
    I love it.
    It’s a keeper!!!
    Thank you

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