ALAN DAY tells us the story of driving 1200 mustangs – and the tiny foal born just the night before… an amazing story from an amazing horseman.

You all have heard me speak of the Amazing Alan Day.

Not only did he write one of my favorite books, THE HORSE LOVER, A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs… he lives it.  Alan Day was given (by the BLM) 1200 unadoptable wild mustangs in 1989.  Alan’s book details how he was able to train the wild horses to follow him – all 1200!  Alan moved 1200 horses, via horseback, to the next field (6 miles away).  He was also able to vaccinate and medicate them all in a morning.

Why the BLM hasn’t asked learned Alan’s horsemanship skills still amazes me.

Anyway, if you love sensible and natural horsemanship stories relayed in an engaging way, get the book.  I loved it.

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OK, NOW, FOR TODAY, WE HAVE AN ACTUAL VIDEO OF ALAN TELLING A SWEET STORY about the huge, maiden voyage of the 1200 horse mustang drive… and a baby who was born the night before!

Alan’s press agent sent this video to me and I just finished watching it…  I could not help smiling.  This story is so amazing and sweet.  I won’t give it away, but it is about moving 1200 horses a long distance for the first time, and about a baby who was born the night before the drive.

But setting the stage here, Alan taught these 1200 mustangs to follow him in smaller settings, just like he taught his cattle to follow the lead horse when moving them from pasture to pasture.  So, for example, Alan taught the lead mustangs to follow him in a very large paddock.  If the lead mustangs followed Alan, so would the rest.  All 1200 horses.  1200.  Twelve hundred!

Now – imagine – 1200 mustangs running after the lead horse (Alan’s).  Can you even comprehend that?  4800 hooves!  How terrifying and exhilarating at the same time!

Alan tells that story here.

Click to hear Alan Day tell this sweet story of moving 1200 wild horses - and one 12 hour old baby.

Click to hear Alan Day tell this sweet story of moving 1200 wild horses – and one 12 hour old baby.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 1.55.14 PMAPRIL BUCKET FUND!

WE ARE VERY CLOSE to our April Bucket Fund Goal!  Here are a few new pics of the babies!  Please help feed the 8 babies and Big Girl here.   Thank you so much!!  It means everything to see health revived!

Below are new pics of Roman (the nose) and Tornado, both only a week old!  They need our continued help.  THANK YOU!

Thumbelina today. Still less than a week old!

Thumbelina today. Still less than a week old!

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