This airport wants to eliminate the stress of traveling with mini therapy horses

This airport wants to eliminate the stress of traveling with mini therapy horses

If there’s two things we know for sure, it’s that traveling can be extremely stressful and adorable little animals brighten people’s days.The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport also realizes this, so they’ve enlisted the help of Seven Oaks Farm — a non-profit organization in southwest Ohio— to bring miniature therapy horses to the airport to cheer up travelers.Twice a month a few of the farm’s 34 horses make their way to the airport to connect with children and relieve the airport stresses of adults.”It’s just to ease anxiety levels, put smiles on faces. Clearly that’s working,” the airport’s senior manager of customer relations, Wendi Orlando, told NPR. “When you look at the passengers walking by, it just never gets old. They love seeing the horses.”

The horses owner, Lisa Moad, told the publication the airport-goers absolutely adore the little animals. Some nervous travelers offer thanks for the animal interactions, sharing it provided them with “that little bit of support before they get on the plane.”

While therapy animals aren’t new on the travel scene — many airports like Newark welcome therapy dogs on occasion, and San Francisco International Airport has a tutu-wearing therapy pig — there is something especially delightful about seeing a horse indoors.

Just look at how thrilled this little girl is:

When the miniature horses aren’t cheering up airports, you can find them visiting nursing homes, hospitals, police programs, and even lending some support to college students amidst stressful finals.

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