A very, very, VERY rainy day.

California is so messed up, even the weather can’t behave… (not really complaining, I know our winters don’t even compare to most of the nation).  Days like this, I really, really, really miss the Grass Valley house and barn.

It has been raining and storming NONSTOP for about 48 hours now.  California needs rain, but we don’t have the soil that soaks up water.  Instead, we have clay so all the water runs off… into… you guessed it, sewers.

Rain collection has been an issue in CA for a very long time.  No solutions yet.  Except maybe everyone should come to my house and drink up.  We are SOAKED.

Anyway, enough complaining about what isn’t, let’s look at what is.  Mother Nature has equipped all of my equines with heavy coats.  I’ve provided the roofs/rooves and the walls.  Only Norma Jean didn’t use them.  I’m not sure what was up with her last night… but when I came out to feed this morning, she was soaked.  She won’t wear a waterproof blanket, but she will wear warm towels fresh out of the dryer.  Tonight, I’m going to try with the blanket again.   I try every winter.  I has been 25 years of tries.  (A reader suggested warming her blanket first.  A great idea!  I’m going to try that!)


Norma Jean was soaked this morning. I don’t know why. She refuses her lovely waterproof blanket. However, she is OK with fresh, hot towels straight out of the dryer.

Here are the newbies. They stood out in the rain as well, but came in at some point because all of their underbellies are dry. On the left we have the young burro, Princess Buttercup. Far away looking out is the older, heavy, loud singing jenny, Ethel Merdonk. I will call her “Sweetie” for short. And then we have the one-eyed pony, Rocky Balboa. He’s a fighter and we are going to have to do surgery on his bad eye – ‘Cut me, Mick!’

Here we have Finn looking at us. Wrigley is in back on the left and BG is on the right. They always huddle together during storms.

I just realized that this photo looks very similar to the one above. But, actually these are totally different trees and a totally different shelter. They just look similar because of the angle, I guess… Anyway, this is Dalton coming towards me, Missy Miss at his hind end. Mo has the extra legs there – in front of Missy Miss. And Gwen is on the left.


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