A very sad story with a very happy ending! ONE-DAY BUCKET FUND to help a wild mare – after losing her precious baby!

Synopsis:  A mare was spotted in a BLM holding facility with a newborn, grulla foal.  Photos were taken in hopes the pair would be adopted.  Then, a horrible illness ran through the BLM holding facility, ending the life of this mare’s precious foal.  And, I must add, this mare is fat and healthy – a perfect target for slaughter buyers who can now purchase 24 BLM ‘3-strikes’ horses at once – for $25 each.

The costs are immense to bring this mare across a few states, quarantine, treat and train.  Please let’s help those that help the desperate!

Luckily, Skydog Sanctuary has stepped in to bring this devastated mare into the fold.  She will now live free again.  The healing will begin!  She will not languish in a holding pen.  She will not be sold to slaughter.

America’s Wild Horses are under siege.  Please help the ones we can!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!!  THANK YOU in advance!!!  The mustangs mean so much!

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This gorgeous, healthy mare was rounded up and consequently, her baby died of an illness spread in the BLM holding facility.


(from Skydog)

So we have some wonderful news for you this morning…….I am sure many of you remember that a few months ago I travelled to the off-range corrals in Idaho in search of Goliath’s grey mare to bring her back to him. Sadly I wasn’t successful and we have given up hope of finding her at this point. However, while we were on the tour of the corrals I took some photographs of a Cremello mare and her Grulla baby in the hopes that someone would see them and adopt them. We had a few inquiries and we managed to locate her with the help of the staff at the facility.

Sadly I broke the news a week ago that the mare’s colt, a little Grulla we called Cambio, had passed away due to numerous illnesses that had gone through the corrals there at Bruneau before we were allowed to go and collect them. So many people reached out and inquired as to whether Skydog could still take the mare who was now without her baby and we are happy to say that they have said YES and so has our board of directors.

Such a great Mom… now stuck in holding, after having lost her mare. She is fat and a great target for shipping to slaughter.

We want to go and pick her up at the beginning of October and bring her home to Skydog to let her heal her loss. It has been a long road to finally get here from the day we saw her in June. She will need to be quarantined as one of the viruses that went through the facility was strangles and we need to test her and make sure she is not carrying it as she could pass it on. The beginnings of her stay with us will be costly with vet visits, quarantine, hauling and extra care and then we have an additional horse to feed through winter with supplemental hay. We will take advantage of the time during quarantine to work with her a little so we can trim her feet and handle her for shots moving forward.

So many mares available for adoption.

We had hoped that if we adopted her that she and her foal would go out with Goliath and the babies could be friends. We did inquire at the corrals if there were any orphaned foals that needed a nurse mare but happily there were none. So this beautiful mare will be joining the Skydog herd in a couple of weeks and it’s mainly due to the overwhelming number of requests from you all, who have followed this mare from the day we posted a photo of her and her baby.

We hope eventually to get more access to these off site facilities so that more horses like this will be able to be seen and adopted out. I would love a time where horses gathered off the range can easily be viewed and documented by the public, before being taken to these private facilities or Long Term Holding. Most of all we hope that this mare finally finds peace and tranquility after the roundup, holding pens, sickness and the death of her foal. That is what we want to give her. Cream we are coming to get you beauty – not long now x

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Let’s help Get her out of there!

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