A very brief blog.

Today I have a very brief blog post:

The vet came to look at Slick – I wasn’t available so Hubby met the vet for me.

Slick is sicker than I thought.

Not only does he have sand in his gut (which surprised me because my glove test didn’t reveal any sand – to me), but he has an infection in his sinus area.   The bad smell appeared today.

It is either a bad tooth or a sinus infection.  A bad tooth could be why he is losing weight except he eats like a … horse.

He also is Cushings which I already knew.

The vet took blood and I will find out tomorrow (Tues morn).

The course of action is to have him eat very soggy beet pulp with one cup of psyllium, three times a day.  (In a panic/rush, I just ordered Psyllium Fiber Blend from Valley Vet…).  I am going to put a call into Omega Alpha and find out what they recommend as well.   I will also keep him on Biotic 8 for his gut.

The vet is coming back to figure out what the bad smell is – poor pony.  (I don’t know why the vet didn’t check his teeth/sinus today… I think because I wasn’t around to authorize the fees but I’m not sure.  I will find out when I speak with him tomorrow – Tuesday.)

I hope we figure this out really quickly so the boy doesn’t suffer much longer.  The bloodwork will tell us something.

I am gone for the next two days – of course, I have to travel when there is a sick horse OY! – so Hubby is going to make sure that Slick gets his beet pulp and psyllium.  Hubby will also be here when the vet visits again to sort out Slick’s nose/teeth/sinus issue.

Thank you, Hubby…

So, for now, the pony is sick and the Humans are rallying around to fix him.

Poor Guy…

I’ll keep you posted.

My ponyboy, Slick. He’s sick. Crossing fingers we figure it out today.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Jenne

    Sending prayers for Slick and for you.

    I’m sure your vet will check (or already has) but is it possible Slick got something stuck up his nose? I read in a (completely fictional) book once that it would create a bad smell.

  2. Norma Beishir

    Slick looks exactly like a pony I had as a child…but that was over 50 years ago. My pony’s name was Nicky.

    I’ll be praying for Slick.

  3. Mary Lu Kennedy

    I am so sorry that Slick is sick. My mini, Pretentious,looks a lot like him and he has had an upset stomach like Slick but not for more than a day. We will say a little prayer for Slick that he will be fine. I know how stressful it is especially when you can’t be there. You are blessed with a wonderful husband to stand in for you. Hopefully Slick will be back up to speed real soon.

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