A Rescue Story of My Own… Meet Sam and Mini-Me!

Skinny, dirty, smelly Sam.

I wanted to write a rescue story with a happy ending.  So, I was searching the Internet and polling people I know and then I said, “Hey, waaait a minute…whaddabout my own Samantha?!”…  I have a happy ending AND lots of pics.


I watch several Rescue websites which is dangerous if you are holding a fresh paycheck… which was me on this particular day.

I stumbled upon a Rescue thread that needed help rescuing several very heavy in foal, wild mares.  (Read, never been touched and really of the opinion that they did not want/care/need to be handled…ever)

Untouchable, confused and ready to foal

These mares were at a feedlot in Nevada, waiting transport to Mexico for you know what.  Obviously, if these mares had never been handled, the chance of them being rescued was slim.


Untouchable pregnant mares in a feedlot just made my blood boil.  I was angry that some rancher breeder had run all these wild mares with his stud and then, when times got tough,  he/she drove them into a trailer and straight down to the meat auction.

(I was also told that some ranchers get the mares pregnant TO SELL THEM at a higher weight.  Dunno.)

Right after birth…

This struck me wrong.  I hated the idea of these pregnant mares sent to auction and the by-product (the foal) sold as sausage or whatever.  So, with paycheck in hand, I picked one mare and paid her entire bail.  It felt really good.


The Rescue group emailed me and offered that particular mare to me since I had paid her whole bail.  I said jokingly, “Well, if you can get her to me free, sure!”  Well, guess what…

They did.

Late one Monday night in May, I heard the distinct rumble of a large horse transport vehicle…  Hmmm.  I wonder who would come down my road with a huge trailer?

Yup, you guessed it.  My wild mare had arrived.

I had no idea what to do except back the trailer up to my barn and herd her into a double stall – and that is exactly what we did.  She calmly walked out of the trailer, looking skinny, disheveled, filthy and very, very pregnant.  It was easy herding her.  Obviously, she knew what was up with that.


Sam is filling out! This was baby’s first day outside.

I named her Samantha after the BEWITCHED character.  She looked like Elizabeth Montgomery to me.  Her feet were horribly long, she had a very rough coat and she smelled something awful.  I have no idea what she had been scrounging to eat these pasts  months but it didn’t do her much good.

I called the vet the next morning.  He checked her out — as best he could since she was UNTOUCHABLE– and said that with a mare in such bad shape, the baby might be stillborn. That made me sad but happy that at least this mare would have a better life from now on.


But, alas, two weeks after arriving, here comes TROUBLE!

Mini-Me was born at a very respectable 9pm (Thank you, Sam) and she was healthy and full of herself!  Mama had given everything to that baby.  I named her, Mini-Me because, well… look at her.  She was colored exactly the same as her mother except baby’s mane was darker.


I’m happy to report that when Mini-Me was 18 months old, she found a great home with lots of acreage.  The new owners fell in love with her and she lives on a ranch will hundreds of acres.

Mini-Me was almost as tall as her Mama at 18 months!

Sam still lives with me (I often refer to her as my “wild mare” or my “untouchable mare” in blogposts).  I have to honestly say that Sam is the most striking horse I’ve ever brought home. Watching her in her ‘wild ways’ is so enlightening.  She is incredibly wise – an old soul –  she teaches us all.

Sam’s feet have never been trimmed but they are very strong and healthy.  She is alert but not crazy.  She is honest.  You know exactly where she stands…  Yet, when she is upset or afraid, she won’t bite or kick.  She just lets you know that she would prefer to ‘leave now’.  And, I let her.


Beautiful Sam

Sam and I have an understanding.  I never raise my voice or make big gestures around her.  I don’t ask her to move quickly and I don’t touch her unless I ask permission.  We get along.

Sam is my girlfriend… if you know what I mean.  We are very respectful and admiring friends.  At least I hope she admires me.  But, I think the fact that she acknowledges my presence, lets me touch her and even nickers at mealtime, makes me feel very, very honored.

Even though she has no job or purpose, for me, her existence is very, very precious…



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Shirley

    My heartfelt “THANKS” for taking Sam in when most wouldn’t. You did a phenomenal job nursing her back to health. Sam & Mini Me are gorgeous!

  2. rose

    Can you groom Sam? What about feet and vet? Did she let you touch Mini-Me when she was born? Sam is very beautiful and I’m glad she can be admired and appreciated.

  3. Seabiscute

    And, I got so wound up about the issues, I forgot to say — good for you for rescuing these two innocent lives. And Sam is indeed beautiful!

  4. Seabiscute

    Did you know that it is ILLEGAL to ship late-pregnancy mares to slaughter? Hah. Laws exist for the law abiding, I guess. There are some stories of miracle babies born on the killing floor and rescued — but for each one of those there are probably thousands of stories untold that have terrible endings.

    Please ask your federal legislators to pass the Anti-Horse-Cruelty bills! Americans don’t eat horsemeat and, save for the pittances owners receive from kill-buyers (sometimes in fraudulent situations), Americans other than the kill-buyers don’t even profit from this barbaric trade. Why on earth does it continue?!

    Oh — I forgot, the LOBBYISTS benefit greatly. They are highly paid by the foreign slaughterhouse companies to spread propaganda to Congress and to the public. While you are at it, ask your legislators to ban lobbying!

  5. dawndi Post author

    Yes, my friend, you did. Come see her again! I’m a little late with today’s story… coming up very soon!

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