A brief update on our April Bucket Fund baby, Goliath!

Over the weekend, the LRTC Team members who are caring for Goliath sent a few pics and videos to update us on his tremendous progress.

Yay!  Go, Goliath!  This foal continues to grow exponentially… but he is finally catching up with is coordination after a rough start with totally contracted tendons.  He was huge at birth and could not stand due to contracted tendons.  You can read his original story here.

Goliath was born in the wild with total contracted tendons. He could not stand to nurse. He was rescued by the LRTC team.


Goliath meets ball.

Ahhh, the dreaded flapping tissue!  *And wearing a halter, not a harness!!

Going for a nice walk… with a halter!

Meeting “Fancy” the Clydesdale.

They say he is fascinated by motorized things.


Goliath races the tractor. Click image to play video

Watch Goliath hone his skills… Click image to watch short video

We are only $255 away from our goal!  All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you so much!  To donate, click here!  I know many are not able to work now… I totally understand.  But if you can donate, it would be so greatly, GREATLY appreciated. (Thank you!)

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