A new mother loses her foal… she was devastated. However, there was a mustang foal who was newly orphaned (her mother went to slaughter). A MIRACLE match made. Please warm your heart with this very current story! WORM AND BAILEY.

Last week, this story came to my attention.  I was heartsick and sent out messages over our FB feed to find an orphaned baby for this mare who lost her new foal.

Almost immediately, there was another post on this story feed about maybe finding a local orphaned mustang foal whose mother was sent to slaughter.

Would they bond?

The next posts were about trying to introduce the pair successfully.

And then the very joyous post of Bailey’s first nursing event.


Below are the first through most recent (as of this writing) posts about the mother, Worm, and Bailey.  To read for yourself and follow their updates, click here.


Original story taken from Worm’s owner on this FB page.
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Emily CG

Our mare had a foal last night and she didn’t make it. If anyone knows of someone in need of a nurse mare or colostrum let me know. ? update: We are also willing to adopt an orphan foal for her to raise. If anyone knows of one please let us know! Located in Woodburn, Oregon but willing to travel! Thank you ?
Update #2- We found a Warm Springs Wild Mustang foal thanks to everyone who shared and she started nursing today!
Follow along on their journey at:

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Emily CG

Last night our mare Worm continued standing guard over her lost foal. My heart breaks for her ?. The love between a mother and child is insurmountable! 3 Sisters Equine Refuge in Sisters, Oregon is blessing us with a baby wild mustang foal. We are leaving soon to pick her up and bring her home ? We will keep everyone posted!!!

The introduction update!

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Emily CG is with Brandon Silence.

My apologies for the delay! I want to start out by thanking every single person who shared, commented, and messaged me trying to find a foal for our grieving mare and offering support ? Worm found her new foal today because of all of YOU coming together to help us locate a baby!!!! We spent 7 hours on the road today bringing this very special foal Bailey, home to Worm! Bailey is a 5 week old Warm Springs Wild Mustang who lost her mother in one of the roundups and then her mother was sent to slaughter ? She was one of the babies fortunate enough to have 3 Sisters Equine Refuge step in and save her! She has a strong urge to nurse and longed for a mother again. Bailey and Worm are now together, helping each other heal! I will post more pictures tomorrow and keep everyone updated?

An uplifting update after a very sad day… things are on the mend.

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Emily CG is with Brandon Silence.

Following her new Mom around the barn! She’s not nursing yet but I’m milking Worm and introducing it to her with her milk pellets and a little grain ? if I haven’t responded to you via messenger I will! Taking a little time to make it through everyone’s amazing messages ????? Thank you! Also a special thank you to 3 Sisters Equine Refuge! What a wonderful place providing love to all the horses in need!

Another update! Meeting new family friends…

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Emily CG is with Brandon Silence.

Bailey out meeting her new family members

I can’t see if she has nursed… but I guess they are getting along…

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Emily CG is with Brandon Silence.

Mother like daughter! These two were made for each other ?

Bailey is wanting to nurse but has not latched on fully yet! Worm is being patient. ?

Worm and Bailey finally have their own page for everyone to follow-along on their journey! I’m still making my way through messages and comments. We’ve been trying everyone’s suggestions on how to unite a mare and a new foal. Bailey almost started to nurse last night and Worm is starting to independently spray milk for the first time since her foal passed. Please share their page so everyone can share in their joy!!! Thank you!

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Worm & Bailey's photo.

This is Worm with her original baby that aspirated water and passed.


CLICK HERE to go to the new FB page for the new Mama (Worm) and her adopted baby (Bailey) – for the continued story.

We are feeding baby under Mom now. A equine surgeon from Canada messaged us and said to start getting our fingers moist with her milk and have her suck on them. Then move our fingers under Worm and close to her milk bag and baby will eventually latch on! We are going to try that today!

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Checking out the pigs ? ?

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Bailey? & Worm?
First time nursing on her own ?



Worm’s teaching Bailey the proper way to take a nap ? ?

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This little filly! She prefers rock or hard dirt to sleep in versus a padded stall. Must be the wild horse in her!!?!!

As soon as Worm gets ready to head out, Bailey steps in for some milk ????

Up close and personal with Bailey & Worm! Bailey can’t get enough!



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  1. Calvin48

    I was so sad to read that the dam of the mustang foal was slaughtered. I thought it was illegal to round up mustangs for the purpose of selling them for their meat; which is why so many of them are currently in holding pens. I altogether found this story extremely sad and depressing, but it’s good that the mare who lost her foal and the little mustang whose dam was killed, have bonded. I live in a mountain state and I know that the “problem” with mustangs is actually a problem with ranchers who want to have as much free grazing for their cattle on public lands as they can get their greedy hands on. Public lands belong to all Americans and I, for one, infinitely prefer to see wild horses on my land rather than cows.

  2. dawndi Post author

    You are right. I was just thrilled with the outcome when I was writing the headline. Fixed!

  3. Marge

    I think your intro could have been better. To say the Mustang foal’s mother went to slaughter followed by “Viola!” is in poor taste.

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