A little story… of a dove and his baby.

I have many bird feeders in my backyard.  I love to watch all the different birds go to the feeders with their particular favorite things.

I also love to watch the new fledglings learn how to use a bird feeder.

Today, I caught the resident dove family teaching the new teenagers, how to forage in a human’s birdfeeder.

As  you can see, the teenager didn’t quite get how it is done, because he is sitting IN the feeder.  Dad is watching from the higher feeder.   This training has happened with all three baby doves.  And, from the looks of it, perhaps IN the bucket is what the doveparents are teaching the babies, because they all do it.

This makes me smile all day…

(PS:  Our lawn is brown because our well is dry.)

Dad above. Baby in bucket.

He/She is so cute!

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