A Little Ranch update: Tiny birds, new nests and BG.

Two days ago, I tightened Norma Jean’s sun shield.  Her sun shield is the green plastic we have covering the side of her pen that is blasted by the hot Paso Robles sun.  This works GREAT.  With the fan and this shield, she and Dodger have always been very comfortable.

OK, well anyway, I tightened it up just two days ago.  At that time, there was no bird’s nest on the roof.  (Not a good place because the cats can get up there…)

Yesterday, I noted a nest.  IT WAS MADE IN 24 HOURS!  I couldn’t believe it!  They used mostly branches, but they anchored it with a live tree branch, live leaves and horse hair!  I loved it.

I crawled up there and saw no eggs.

BUT… today, I went outside to feed, and the nest was GONE.  Totally.  No sign of it.  Either a cat swiped it off the eave, or the wind.   I couldn’t find any remnants.  My photos are the only remains of the nest.

I’m actually glad because a cat would have gotten the Mama or babies.

Here you can see that they used the twine I had tightened the day before, a live branch with leaves and horse hair.

It sits on the eave of the shelter, which isn’t a good idea since the cats can get on the roof.

Such a perfect, beautiful nest, created in less than 24 hours.


In case you missed the original story, look here.

I went back to the mailboxes and did see the Mama sitting on her nest again.  So at least I know that I didn’t scare her away forever.

Today, I got the mail and gingerly peeked inside and didn’t see Mama, but I did see one baby peeking out at me.  He’s a little bigger than before.

His nest is inside a newspaper box below mailboxes. His mom flies out everytime anyone gets their mail – which must be an issue… anyway, he is growing! He was chirping and peeping as I got my mail.


A few weeks ago I told you that I separated BG from Finn and Wrigley to make sure she gets all of her herbs for her hives.  The poor girl has continual hives and we have tried just about everything.

She seems to be getting better!  Her coat looks almost normal.  But, I’m holding judgement until high summer comes.

Anyway, she looks pretty good!  I’m so happy for her!

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  1. jan hoole

    I can see at least three baby birds in the mailbox nest, so well done mama!

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